There’s lots of things to do in Stokes Croft

It’s not all Tesco riots and gentrification. There’s lots of things to do in Stokes Croft with amazing bars, tasty food, great shops, and a host of great street art.

Here’s 95 things to do in the area of Stokes Croft.

1. Give the Welcome to Stokes Croft Sign a wave as you enter

welcome to stokes croft

2. Drink a swift pint in one of Bristol’s best beer gardens at the Full Moon

full moon

3. Pop in for a little bit of jungle at Blue Mountain

blue mountain

4. Pick up some cheap furniture at Happytat


5. Figure out which app icons are out of date on the Phone Shop building 

phone shop stokes croft

6. Buy a piano from Mickleburgh Musical Instruments

Mickleburgh Musical Instruments

7. Get some vintage clothes from the Vintage Market

vintage shop

8. Pop in for a Pie at Pieminister


9. Grab a can of Natch from Star Food & Wine

star food and wine

10. Stop off at the Carribean Croft for a rum and jerk chicken

carribean croft

11. Sample some Vietmense food from theVietkitchen

The viet kitchen

12. Pick up some paint from the Dulux Decorator Centre

dulux centre stokes croft

13. Order a Maccheroni Amatriciana at Spaghetti Incident

spaghetti incident bristol

14. Indulge in a tasty burger at Three Four Diner

three four diner

15. Sip on a cocktail and eat some mezza from the Gin Tree

gin tree

16. Get your glass cut while U wait at Roman Glass

roman glass

17. Pick up a can of coke from Ashley News Two

stokes croft newsagent

18. Go print some copies at Sprinters


19. Pick up your prescription from Stokes Croft Pharmarcy

Stokes Croft Pharmarcy

20. Get a shirt printed at Bristol Clothing Pushers

Bristol Clothing Pushers

22. Pop in for a new hair cut at Shambarber


23. Buy something with sequins on from That Thing

that thing

24. Have a pizza and a dance at No. 51

no 51

25. Pop in for a nail treatment at Lavish


26. Pretend you’re getting a ‘massage’ at the Massage Club

massage club

27. Sort your well being out at Leading Lights

Leading Lights

28. Take a look at this Stokes Croft mural before it disappears behind tags

stokes croft art

29. Have a big night out at the legendary Lakota


30. Pick up something secondhand from Emmaus


31. Grab a bunch of grapes from Judy & Wissam Supermarket

stokes croft grocery

32. Sample some good old Lick’n Chick’n

lick n chick n

33. Munch on some falafel from Falafel Hut

Falafel Hut

34. Pick up a wrap from Biblos


35. Snap a picture of this awesome street art from Lucas Antics

street art by lucas antics

36. Enjoy a Cuban meal from Cafe Cuba

cafe cuba

37. 3D print some things at The Laboratory Of Things

Laboratory Things

38. Have a little boogie at Take Five Cafe

take five cafe

39. Buy a new synthesizer from Elevator Sound

elevator sound stokes croft

40. Pop in for a trim from The Point Barber Shop

barber shop

41. Have a rave on Turbo Island

Turbo Island

42. Eat some great food  at Jamica Street Stores

Jamica Street Stores

43. Buy a Stokes Croft mug from Stokes Croft China

stokes croft china

44. And check out the George Carlin quote street art on the side of it

george carlin

45. See what street art the Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft have put up

stokes croft street art

46. Fill up your water from Stokes Croft Water

stokes croft water

47. Pick up a Bristol Cable from outside the PRSC building

bristol cable

48. Take a peak at this street art piece

street art

49. Stop for a swift pint at The Bell

the bell

50. Watch a film at The Cube

the cube stokes croft

51. Check out this amazing DJ Derek piece by Haka Graffiti

dj derek street art

Preach DJ Derek

dj derek street art

52. Eat some tasty tapas at Poco


53. Sample some very tasty Mexican and tequila at Masa + Mezcal

Masa & Mescal

54. Eat, drink and dance at the Canteen

The Canteen

55. See one of the most famous Banksy pieces, The Mild Mild West


56. Then turn around and see what remains of the break dancing jesus 🙁

breakdancing jesus

57. Pick up some beer on the way back from a night out at The Best

the best

58. Have a dance to some house and disco at The Love Inn

Love Inn

59. Get a wedding Dress from By Rose Savage

stokes croft dresses

60. Pick up some CBD from Only Green

only greens

61. Top a night out in Stokes Croft off by going to Slix Chicken

slix chicken

62. Buy a tiny plant and a card from Neon Tiger

neon tiger

63. Get your frieght forwarded international at Brunel Shiping

brunel shipping

64. Gobble up some porridge at Bristol Porridge Project

Bristol porridge project

65. Get yourself some new kicks and a haircut from Cuts & Creps

Cuts & Creps

66. Grab a kebab from the beating heart of Stokes Croft… Rita’s Take Away

Ritas Takeaway

67. Have a look in the charity shop Snows Stores

Snows Stores

68. Grab some reclained anique furniture from Woodstock


69. Munch on a pizza from Luna Express

luna express

70. Get your post sent during the day and some cash out at night from the Post Office

post office

71. Eat an awesome egg based brunch at Crafty Egg

crafty egg

72. Sample all the craft beer at Crofter’s Rights

crofters rights

73. Nibble on a pizza from Ray’s Pizza

ray's pizza

74. Take a look at what’s left of the Carriage Works before it changes forever

carriage works

75. Still Boycott Tesco. Obviously

Boycott tesco

76. Pick up some bread and have a coffee from Elemental Collective

bakery stokes croft

77. Pop in for some Korean chicken at Bokman


78. Eat and drink vegan things at Cafe Kino

Cafe Kino

79. Try some marvellous food from Caper & Cure

caper cure

80. Purcahse some art from Here Gallery


81. Donate some clothes to the Salvation Army

salvation army

82.  pop into the Little Shop and get some art 

little shop

83. Get financial support from the Bristol Credit Union

credit union

84. Pick up a new house plant and have a coffee at Emmeline


85. Sip on a pipe dream at The Pipe & Slippers

pipe and slippers

86. Try some tasty Jamaican food at Rice & Things

rice and things

87. Have a trim from The Spot

the spot

88. Grab an outrageous Chips and  cheese wrap from Big Bite

big bite

89. Check out the Telepathic Heights street art

telephatic heights

90. Wash your clothes and have a brew At The Well

at the well

91. Participate in a open mic night at Left Bank

left bank

92. Eat a roast at The Social

the social

93. Munch on some brunch at Boston Tea Party

boston tea party

94. Have a peek at this great little street art

rabbit street art

95. Get your hair chopped at Blockwork

stokes croft block


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Sam Gillies, the founder and editor of Best of Bristol. Purveyor of numerous Bristol lists, guides & videos. Most likely found attempting to find interesting street art across Bristol and other cities.

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