There’s a Kids Party Coming to Bristol – But It’s Strictly for Adults Only!

Remember when times were simpler?

Bristol isn’t short on great events for us to attend, every day of the week if we want. However, do you ever miss the simpler times of our childhood?

Where parties involved a game of pass the parcel, a cheese and pineapple hedgehog and a party bag to carry your happiness home with you?

Well, Bristol, you are in luck because there’s an adult kids’ party happening in Noche Negra on the 28th February.

adult themed party

This is an adults only event, so it would be a good idea to not actually take any kids as they will not be getting in.

Hosted by one of Bristol’s finest drag queen’s, Sally Savage, the event will include a kids’ party buffet, party bags and games with adult prizes.

We are told the games will include….

Sleeping lions – bring your best tactics as this will be an active takedown of your fellow players

Pass the parcel – the grown-up version (look, basically it’s rude or funny prizes)

Musical chairs – no rules apply

Musical statues – with active sabotaging

The event will run from 7-10pm, tickets are just £20 and available here.

Noche Negra will then open as usual after for any party-goers who want to continue.

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