north street

There’s just so much see on North Street!

It’s time for the 2020 addition of what to do on North Street, the famous street cutting through one of Bristol’s most tight-knit communities, chock full of independent businesses some of which have been here for nearly a century.

From amazing bars, restaurants, shops, butchers, bakers (but sadly not a candlestick maker), here are 121 things to do on North Street:

1. Pop in for a pint at the Steam Crane

stream crane north street

2. Take a pottery class at Trylla


3. Have your newborn baby photographed by Fiona

4. Purchase some handmade jewellery at Tamrakar


5. Have some hair removed at Anna Mak Beauty Clinic

beauty clinic

6. Extend your eyelashes at the Bollywood Beauty Lounge

bollywood beauty lounge

7. Earn some brownie points with the kids at ToyVille


8. Grab a beer at the North Street Standard

north street standard

9. Get your hair cut at TEN hairdressing

ten hairdressing

10. Witness a unique coffee making process at Sweven

sweven coffe

11. Escape the hustle and bustle with lunch at Hennesseys


12. Stop off at Bravo’s for a Caribbean meal

bravos north street

13. Become a tropical fish parent at The Aquatic Store

the aquatic store

14. Bring your baby to the Milk Shed

milk shed

15. Pick up some stationary from Wyatt & Ackerman

wyatt & ackerman

16. Enjoy mouth watering Chinese food from Red Hot Goodies

red hot goodies

17. Settle that row with your housemate by using Barcan + Kirby solicitors

barcan & kirkby

18. Get a new lawnmower from George Carr Power Products


19. Pop into the reclaimed urban space, Ebenezer Pocket Park

20. Have a coffee and buy a book at Story Smith

story smith

21. Try a glass of natural wine on tap at Kask


22. Get your photos printed at Photographique


23. Improve your home brewing with Coffee Nation

coffee nation

24. Get your lid sorted with the Barbershop

barbershop north street

25. Get inked and a fresh haircut at Level Bristol

level bristol

26. Order a Swedish carrot cake with your beverage at The Nordic Cafe

the nordic cafe

27. Get that pesky security light fixed by Beaver Electrical

beaver electrical

28. Improve your central heating at Bristol Boiler Company

bristol boiler company

29. Then whilst you’re at it, convert the attic with Bristol Loft Conversions

bristol loft conversion

30. Buy some vintage houseware from Rhubarb Jumble

rhubarb jumble

31. Get your hair pruned at The Business In Hair

the business in hair

32. Take a craft course at Creative Space

creative space

33. Have an espresso martini at the Albatross Cafe

albatross cafe

34. Find out about What’s On Bristol

what's on bristol

35. Treat yourself to a takeaway from Oriental Chef

oriental chef

36. Pick up some Natch from Drinks 4 You/Yo


37. Have a beauty treatment at Lilit (and also admire this street art by Louis Masai)


38. Browse the vinyl at Friendly Records then have a beer in their bar

friendly records bar

39. Eat a Sunday roast on a Monday at The Old Bookshop

old bookshop

40. Get your dream job at Mainline Employment


41. Devour some plantbased cakes at Earthcake

earth cake

42. Get your fruit and veg platic free from Hugo’s

hugo's north street

43. Take a nice bottle of wine home from Corks of North Street

corks north street

44. Have a tasty vegan treat from Flip Deli & Cafe

deli & cafe

45. Buy local art from Independent Design Collective

independent design collective

46. Book an airport taxi with Club Cars

club cars

47. Reduce your carbon footprint at Zero Green

ethical shop

48. Wash that old duvet you have at Staffords Launderette and Drycleaners

launderette north street

49. Get your body pierced.. or tattoed at Tattoo Time


50. Pick up your prescription from Well Pharmacy

well pharmacy north street

51. Sink a few Thatchers at the Masonic

the masonic

52. Get that glass cut to size.. while you wait.. at Petrie Glazing

petrie glazing

53. Have another trim from a proper old school barber – Peter’s Barber Shop

peter's barber shop

54. Check out the local art at the North Art Gallery

north street art gallery

55. Spruce up your gaff with Bristol Flooring

bristol flooring

56. Get your nails done at Classy Claws

classy claws

57. Fix your bike at Bike Smiths

bike smiths

58. Have yet another pint and sit in The Spotted Cow’s sunny beer garden

spotted cow

59. Get a haircut like Bristol City players at The Conservatory, and smooth the resident pup

The Conservatory

60. Learn how to “downward dog” at Trika Yoga

trika yoga

61. Buy some marvelous homeware from Mon Pote

mone pote

62. Get your chest waxed at Beauty Lounge

beauty lounge

63. If you’ve got any hair left at this point, get it cut again at The Hairdresser @BS3

bs3 hairdresser

64. Settle the dispute over who gets to keep the cat at Peter Burrows & Co

peter burrows & co

65. Invest in some street art for your home with the UPFEST shop

upfest shop

66. Give your furniture a new lease of life by visiting South West Upholstery

south west uphostelry

67. Treat yourself or a loved one to some hand made chocolate from Zaras Chocolates

zaras chocolates

68. Indulge in some naughty food at Oowee Diner

oowee north street

69. Stock up on beautiful fabric with Like Sew Amazing

sew north street

70. Get some pre-show grub, wash it down with a drink and then watch a comedy show upstairs at the Hen & Chicken

hen and chicken

71. Have a scrumptious roast at The Malago


72. Get your head shaved at the Barber Emporium

barber emporium

73. Pick up some bargain prosecco from Drinks 2 Go

drinks 2 go

74. Book in for that eye test with David Phillips Opticians

david phillips opticians

75. Surprise that special someone with some flowers from Ivory Flowers

ivory flowers

76. Drop off the kids at the North Street Nursery

north street nursery

77. Get all your household and DIY needs sorted by Derek at Lion Stores

lion stores

78. Pick up something from local artists and meet another friendly pupper at Casper

casper north street

79. Pop in for some arts, crafts and a coffee at Farahway


80. And then order a pizza at Pizza Workshop (open as usual)

pizza workshop

81. Get your hair dyed at Crowning Glorie

growing north street

82. Upgrade your bike with Strada


83. Enjoy a great cooked Bristol breakfast at The Lounge, the first one of it’s kind

lounges north street

84. Have some alternative beauty therapy at The Beauty Room

the beauty room north street

85. Watch the world go by with a coffee at Tincan

tincan north street

86. Warm up with a hot milkshake from Shake Express

shake express north street

87. Chop more hair off at Mack Daddy’s

mac daddys north street

88. Upgrade your laptop at Compuwave

computer shop north street

89. Improve your barnet at YOU

you hairdressing

90. Pick up some loose sweets from Grenville Wick

grenville wick

91. Build a custom burger at The Burger Joint

the burger joint north street

92. Enjoy a Mediterranean experience at La Mediterranean

la mediterrian

93. Introduce some supplements to your diet with Health Unlimited

health unlimited

94. Scoff a pizza at Pimm’s pizza

pizza north street

95. Grab yourself a hearty scran from Clarks Pies

clarks pies

96. Go gift shopping at Glass Designs & Gallery

glass designs

97. Order another takeaway from Dim Sum Oriental

dim sum oriental

98. Come for the street art… stay for the pasties, at Parsons Bakery

parsons north street

99. Get a wax from Rebecca


100. Pick up some organic meat from Rare 3 butchers

rare 3 north street

101. Support a great charity and get thrifty at Children’s Hospice

children's hopsice north street

102. Suppose a vital Bristol charity and shop at St Peter’s Hospice (they have 50+ stores, find your local on their website)

st peter's hospice shop north street

103. Grab a bargain from Tenovus


104. Finally track down that ingredient you’ve been looking for at Southville Deli

southville deli

105. Ensure you get your five a day with Ashton Fruit Shop

ashton fruit shop

106. Reel in a fish supper with The Fish Shop

gloucester road fish shop

107. Get in line to get a cut and shave from Jazz Barbers

jazz barbers

108. Slurp a coffee and eat an all day breakfast at Savana Coffee

savana coffee

109. Protect some cats at the Cats Protection shop

cats protection

110. Grab a paper from North Street News

north street news

111. Try some Mediterran cuisine at Soukitchen

souk kitchen

112. Replace your washing machine by popping into Eddy’s Domestic Appliances

eddy domestic appliances

113. Pop in for a beer at the Tobacco Factory or visit the Sunday Market (Every Sunday 10-14:30)

tobacco factory

114. Everyone around here shops in this Aldi, so you should too.

aldi north street

115. Marvel at this Greta Thunberg street art by Jody

greta street art

116. Order the perfect cake for your big day from Occasion Cakes

occasion cakes

117. Order a Chinese takeaway from Willow Garden

willow garden

118. Grab yourself one of the best handmade bread in Bristol from the legendary Mark’s Bread

mark's bread

119. Try a pint of Independence from the indepenent Bristol Beer Factory

bristol beer factory

120. Enjoy tapas at El Rincón (or a Natch at ‘Spanish Bar’ on matchday)

spanish bar north street

121. Take a spin class the Workout gym

workout gym north street

122. Get your books repaired at Bristol Bound Bookbinding

bookbinding northstreet

All photos taken by @antimitch.

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Head of Content / Cider Correspondent. Born and bred in East-Bristol, Mitch aka @antimitch is a freelance photographer and chef. You'll find him in charge of Best of Bristol’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Mitch is a food writer who's passionate about independent businesses, so provide him with cider and local snacks for a friendly service.

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