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24 Amazing Videos of Bristol Through the Years



Bristol looks a little different these days…

These 24 amazing videos shows how much life has changed in Bristol through the years.

1. Bristol in the 1920s

A rare video filmed over 80 years ago. Clips feature The Centre, Corn Street, Bristol Bridge, Park Street, The Docks, Bedminster Bridge, Redcliff Hill, and Ashton Swing Bridge.

2. Bristol in 1967 looking ruddy marvellous.

3. The time Winston Churchill popped over for a quick Bristol visit in 1945.

4. Bristol rag week at Bristol University in 1953. Featuring students throwing fish guts at each other.

5. Bristol Rovers vs Bristol City in 1958

6. Snowy Redland & Clifton during the 1960s.

7. Bristol Zoo in 1965

Sadly with no Alfred the Gorilla.

8. Bristol harbour in 1965. Complete with a steam boat chugging by.

9. Anti litter week at College Green during 1967

10. The Queen visits Bristol in 1956.

11. Bristol preparing for an a nuclear war in 1951.

12. Bristol rag week in 1948. Featuring a wigged referee on a bike during a weird football game.

13. Bristol Uni’s million fund pageant in 1921.

14. Bananas arrive in Bristol in 1946.

15. One of the Britain’s first multi deck car parks opens in Bristol – 1961.

16. The clifton suspension bridge in 1953.

17. Bristol from the air (1924).

18. Bristol during WW2.

19. The Bristol pedal car marathon (1964).

20. Bristol miniature model in 1951.

21. St Pauls during the 1980s.

22. Ashton Court Festival in 1986.

23. Bristol International Balloon Fiesta in 1990.

24. St Pauls Carnival back in 1993.

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Sam Gillies, the founder and editor of Best of Bristol. Purveyor of numerous Bristol posts, lists, stories, videos and Bristol photos. Having spent years in Bath looking enviously at how good Bristol was, I moved to Bristol in 2011 and consider myself a convert to a Bristol obsessive. Most likely found attempting to find interesting street art across Bristol and other cities.

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