Bristol Bingo Wings

Bristol’s Bingo Wings

Stuck for something to do this Thursday? Well why not play Bingo Wings, the tastiest, most Bristolian game of Bristol Bingo you’ll ever play. With a mountain of chicken wings and over 50 brilliant Bristol phrases with a Bristolian bingo caller calling them out for you to cross off – call it, Bristol lingo bingo, if you will! Here’s 12 of the Bristolian phrases you’ll find:

1. Smooth the cat

Bristolian term for giving your cat a cheeky stroke.

2. Avin’ a headfit

Really not having a good time in the old noggin. Probably walked into Hartcliffe.

3. Keener

Individual who’s a bit too eager, normally that person who always had their hand up first in school.

4. I loves it I does

When you really do love something.

5. Let I scab a Lambert

When you really want a lovely lambert cigarette, the smoothest of the smooth.

6. Savva Burger

“Let’s have a burger”. The easiest way to ask out Terry down to Miss. Millies.

7. Doggin’ her up

Couple of ladies together, one of them is probably looking very aggressively at the other.

8. Alright me lovvverrr

A way for saying how are you to those that you’re close to.

9. Where’s that to?

Finding out the exact location of a particular place.

10. Asdawl

A fairly popular supermarket chain found in Bemmie.

11. Eat a salid

Eating greenery, commonly pronounced as ‘salad’.

Isn’t Bristolian bingo awesome? Tickets for Thursday’s event at The Mall pub, Clifton Village are £8 and available from Foozie which includes 3 games of bingo, super tasty chicken wings, prizes and loads of Bristol banter. It’s going to be awesome! Oh wait, and because you’re a Best of Bristol luva you get 15% off when you add BESTOFBRISTOL as a coupon. Cheers drive!

You can pick up tickets from Foozie Bristol.

Foozie was created by Thom Whitchurch, a food and drink lover and passionate Bristolian with a lots of experience hosting food and drink events with independent businesses. Thom realised that a lot of Bristolians, including himself, were missing out on great events because there wasn't a dedicated place to find them - or a place for businesses to list them. So Foozie was born.

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