Alright Me Babbers?

Terry the Odd Job Man is Bristol’s no. 1 handyman and Bristolian language teacher. From teaching American’s how to speak Bristolian to asking passing women back for a cider and a massarge, we take a look at Terry the Odd Job Man’s best videos.

1. Terry teaches Americans to speak Bristolian in New York.

‘Fancy coming back to mine for a cider and a massarge?’

2. Terry’s Bristolian Language Lessons.

Terry gives lessons on how to talk the right lingo in bristol.

3. Terry the odd job man – ‘please employ me’.

This was actually his very first video made, attempting to sell his odd job Bristolian talents to the people of London.

4. Terry’s Bristol Star Wars Audition

‘Ere i’m Luke Skywalker, look at they guns’.

5. How to pull a Bristolian woman.

Terry shows you the proper way to pick up a Bristolian bird.

6. How to propose to a Bristolian woman.

It’s all about the Natch.

7. Terry at Lakota.

Part of Terry’s brilliant guide to Bristol.

8. Asking girls back for a cider and a massarge.

Terry out on the street promoting Daz’s Rock for charity at the Colston Hall.

For more of the brilliant Terry the Odd Job man you can find him on his website or his facebook page.

Sam Gillies, the founder and editor of Best of Bristol. Purveyor of numerous Bristol lists, guides & videos. Most likely found attempting to find interesting street art across Bristol and other cities.

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