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Originally formed as a bespoke art and design company, The Fifth Wall was created by three Bristol friends James, Will and Bob just over a year a half ago. Since then they have been building up their art collective and are delighted to now provide a platform for emerging artists and photographers to promote their work. The Fifth Wall has since been working hard to increase public awareness of these gifted individuals through their new gallery premises and participation in upcoming community events such as the Easton Arts Trail and The Farm Summer Fair in St Werburghs.

The Fifth Wall Shop & Gallery will be launching on Saturday 30th May at 1b Woodbine Road, Whitehall, BS5 9BJ. Make sure you save the date for a day of live drawings, original artwork, prints, paint supplies and a chance to meet the people behind some of these impressive creations.

For a small snippet of what you’ll see at the shop, we’ve compiled a list showcasing a piece of work from a selection of The Fifth Wall’s ensemble.

Will Cullen – ‘Milhouse’

Will Cullen Millhouse Picture

Born and raised in Bristol and one of the founding members of The Fifth Wall, Will’s designs and illustrations are influenced by comic books, cartoons and graphic design.

When he’s not jet skiing across America he enjoys mixing paints in his life long ambition to create a new colour.

James Ewing – ‘Cabot Airlock’

James Ewing Cabot Airlock

Studying Wildlife Media at the University of Cumbria, James returned to his hometown of Bristol after graduation. With his long time friend Will, the two decided to expand their art, design and media skills with the formation of The Fifth Wall.

Although he remains passionate about the natural world, his interests have now shifted to the urban wilderness, capturing the boundaries between man and nature in the UK’s green capital.

Just Scribble – ‘MF DOOM (ALL CAPS)’

MF Doom Drawing

Self taught 18-year-old Eric Aidoo’s hand-drawn portraits are currently making big waves not just on the Bristol art scene but overseas in the US.

Depicting the people that influence him, most notably some big names in Hip-Hop including MF DOOM, Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar, his inspiring talents convey messages and emotions personal to the young artist.

Over the years his work has received recognition from musicians such as Rick Ross, Joey Bada$$ and Skepta as well as blogs and publications for Chris Brown’s Mechanical Dummy and Complex Magazine.

Cai Burton – ‘Bristol’

Cair Burton Bristol Drawing

Another of The Fifth Wall’s young, emerging artists, Cai Burton has evolved his casual sketching during school studies into the intricate and detailed line drawings that are proving to be a big hit in shops and cafes throughout the city.

Pieces like his Bristol illustration perfectly capture the essence of our fantastic city, incorporating some of our most beloved landmarks with his signature blacks and whites.

Nicci Van P – ‘Ignatius the Spacious’


Although somewhat of a wanderer – collecting, overlapping and re-inventing her styles along the way – all of Nicci’s work involves symbols that invoke a sense of romance and mystery.

Clouds and architecture regularly feature in her works, a nostalgic projection into Nicci’s past where she spent many years enjoying the vast horizons of the African sky and all the promises of open lands and rugged adventure.

Jennie Cave – ‘Ladies of the Night’

Ladies of the Night drawing

After running two businesses for 25 years, Jennie has now retired to make the art that she loves. Each of her enchanting montages are labours of love, taking several days to make she hand-cuts and pastes directly from books and online, taking inspiration from graffiti, anatomy, tattoos and surrealism.

She has had exhibitions at The Island, Co-Lab and Dub Thai Gallery and has enjoyed much praise and success from displaying these imaginative original montages.

Lee Fowler – ‘Edward Scissortongue’

Edward Scissortounge

Lee Fowler is a painter living and working in Bristol. She developed a passion for life drawing, which led to studying portraiture on a Fine Art degree in Cheltenham.

Using layers of colour and light to capture the essence of human expressions, her work is influenced by graffiti artists and impressionists. Lee enjoys confronting controversial subjects and finding beauty in absurd moments. She has exhibited her work in pop-up galleries across the West Country and in Amsterdam where a series of portraits earned her the Hans Brinker budget award in 2012.

Dixon Does Doodles – ‘Suspension Bridge Octopus’

Clifton Suspension Bridge Art

Jonathan Dixon is an illustrator and father to three mini-maniacs who help to inspire and tire, correction…’energize’ him to create new doodles on a daily basis.

He illustrates onto plates, greetings cards, notepads, coasters, t-shirts and just about anything else he can get his hands on. He is also available for commissions be it a poster, a greetings card, comic or plate. You can find more of his work at The Fifth Wall Shop & Gallery.

Von Grey – ‘Mystic Goat’

Mystic Goat

Von Grey’s work speaks of esoteric allusions, the morphic field of oneness and ancient whispers of lost civilisations. Using meditation amongst the stone circles that populate his birthplace in Wiltshire he creates work that recognises the power of the instinct over the rational.

To keep up to date with the Fith Wall’s future endeavors you can follow them at and Twitter @TheFifthWallLtd or check out their bespoke commissions and online store at

Make sure you attend The Fifth Wall Shop & Gallery launching on Saturday 30th May at 1b Woodbine Road, Whitehall, BS5 9BJ.

Fifth Wall Shop Launch

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