gin and juice

Gin and Juice is coming to Bristol

We’ve got a rum bar, a whisky bar and we’ll soon have a gin and juice bar in Bristol.

Opening at 47 Park Street, Gin & Juice is set to arrive in Bristol during February.

Here’s what we know so far about Gin & Juice.

There are going to be over 450 gins (yes 450) from around the world available.

You’ll find an array of freshly pressed juices and smoothies inside, so if you’re after a non gin-based juice you’ll be covered.

They’ll also be serving food, including bagels… lots of bagels

If its anything like its Cardiff branch, expect Gin & Juice to be open 7 days a week and from the morning until late night.

That means gin for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fabulous.

Sam Gillies, the founder and editor of Best of Bristol. Purveyor of numerous Bristol lists, guides & videos. Most likely found attempting to find interesting street art across Bristol and other cities.

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