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Best Bristol Instagram Photos in October

Bristol’s best pictures on Instagram are here again. Selected by Jess and Jon of the marvelous Bristol Igers account.

1. Seamus O’Donnells by @kyology

Seamus O'Donnells

​If I’m ever in the centre of town and have some free time I love to wander around parts of the Old City, especially St. Nick’s Market. And this has been a long-held favourite view as you emerge from the market, captured beautifully by Kai. We’d suggest giving his gallery some love. ❤

2. Shooting Star by @jimcosseyphotography

Clifton Suspension Bridge shooting star

A definite favourite from October but ​our repost of this amazing photo by Jim doesn’t do it justice in any way. So we demand you go & take a look at it properly on Jim’s page. Go on!

3. Sky’s On Fire by @sjtanton

bristol sunset

​We were blessed with some incredible sunrises and sunsets during October but there was one particular evening where I’ve never witnessed a Bristol sunset quite so spectacular. On my own Cliftonwood street, neighbours were photographing it from their front gardens & bedroom windows. And on the other side of Cliftonwood, Sharon was doing the same, photographing this gorgeous shot. A #nofilter moment; it really was this beautiful.

4.  Stilts by @rachelfoxwell

bristol stilts

​St. Vincent’s Parade alongside the start of the Portway which Rachel captured perfectly from the Leigh Woods side, making the houses appear as though they really are on stilts! The blue sky and different coloured front doors add an extra special something.


5. Sky’s On Fire Part Two by @sauntimo

bristol sunset

​This magnificent picture taken by @sauntimo captures one of the finest sunrises Hotwells is ever likely to witness. Colourful, stunning and brimming with the wow factor.


6. Bird’s Eye View by @clarendon23pt

bird clifton suspension bridge

It’s not every day we get to feature a bird’s eye view of the Clifton Suspension Bridge but @clarendon23pt was on hand to capture this great shot featuring a menacing looking blackbird. The Autumn haze over the Avon Gorge is also something special.


7. Bridge of Light by @jame5-na5h

clifton suspension bridge lights at night

We love how @jame5-na5h was able to produce this wonderfully framed ground level shot of the Clifton Suspension Bridge at night. The symmetry is superb.

8.  Glimpse Of Hope by @icingling

bristol sun through trees

​@icingling captured this brilliant shot of the Clifton Promenade looking particularly stunning in autumn colours. It’s one of Bristol’s most photographed sights and it’s not hard to see why judging by this great capture.

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