bristol brew tour

It’s no secret that the Bristol beer scene is booming at the moment.

Hosting names such as Arbor, Wiper & True and Bristol Beer Factory, it could even be the best place in the country for it right now. Therefore it’s about time someone offered us a flavour of what goes on behind the scenes.

Luckily the newly launched Bristol Brewery Tours has arrived just on the cusp of summer. Although as we meet at midday on Millennium Square, it becomes apparent that this is much more than a usual walk around a taproom.

bristol brewery factory

The tour manages to charmingly utilise a touch of city life with the Bristol Ferry Company for some sampling as the boat takes us up the harbour towards Moor Beer behind Temple Meads. It feels like a perfect combination as we sit in good company tasting two varied pale ales from the locally based Arbor.

Upon arrival it’s a quick stroll through the industrial surroundings towards the brewery. Once inside tokens are dealt out and there’s the opportunity to try some beers directly from the source. The taproom features a wide mixture of cask and keg from which guests are given free choice over. A brewer then takes us inside and gives a detailed talk about the process which creates what we’ve been enjoying.

breering beer

It’s then back to one The Beer Emporium on King Street where Duncan and Marco have the bar lined with beer flights for further sampling. By this point in the day it’s apparent that friendships have been made and information gained. Whether or not it will be remembered by the weary heads the day after remains to be seen. Ultimately, a perfectly executed day that’s a testament to our beer scene.

The next dates lined up are here.

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