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Suffering from oneb too many out in Bristol?

Shonette of the wonderful food & drink blog, ‘A Life Less Organised’ has sampled the best places to eat in Bristol and in this time has come up with an array of Bristol hangover destinations to cater for Bristol’s post-drunken masses:   

We all have those mornings where we wake up bleary-eyed, achey of head and regretting that final drink of the evening before.

We also have our own strategies for dealing with a hangover, but I’ve found (unsurprisingly) that food, and extreme cases booze, is the only way out of the world of pain you’ve put yourself in.

Here are my top tips for where to banish that hangover to whence it came – many are vegetarian but can have meat options added to them, or be made vegan!

Need to Detox?

Bakers & Co: Huevos Rancheros

The whole brunch menu here is spectacular, but the rancheros have been a staple since the beginning, and are just enough feel like you’re eating something wholesome and substantial, but also not too much for a delicate stomach.

Thali Cafe: Masala Dosa

Masala dosas are light thin pancakes stuffed with a potato and pea curry – just the thing if you’re feeling a bit delicate.

Soul Kitchen: Shashouka

Eggs cooked in a lightly spiced tomato sauce, served with flatbread. Add sausage, feta or spinach if you like, but the best thing about this dish is its simplicity. Great juices on offer here too.

Eat Your Greens: Goldie Lox

One of the most flavoursome and filling brunches out there, and it’s all vegan! Seaweed caviar, baked marinated tofu, rocket, avocado and sourdough all combine to make a proper taste explosion.

Make sure you try it, then have their Beasty Breakfast next time you go in.

Tuk Tuck – Bibimbap

Sometimes all you need is a good bowl of veg, rice and spicy sauce to get you feeling human again. Oh, and a runny egg of course.

For more wholesome brunch suggestions, try The Top 10 Brunches in Bristol.

Give me Stodge!


Whether you go vegan or meaty, Oowee does a fine line of comforting burgers and loaded fries to sort you out!

FED 303: Bombay roast chicken sourdough toastie with spinach & peanut butter

I know, I know, it sounds wrong, but sweet Jesus, it tastes so good. If a nutty spicy chicken sanger is a step too far after a night on the sauce though, all of their brunch dishes are absolute bangers.

Bambalan – Dirty Beans

Spicy beans, charcoal roasted lamb, chorizo, eggs and sourdough. Even the most determined hangover couldn’t survive this filth!

@The Well: Pancakes

Got a sweet tooth? Pop along to this laundrette-cafe for a stack of fluffy American pancakes, which you can have with bacon, blueberries or both if you’re feeling fancy.

If this teeny cafe is full when you arrive fear not, as yummy pancake stacks can also be found at Rocotillo’s – a great American style diner  with branches on the Triangle and Gloucester Road.

Need something even stodgier? How about one of Bristol’s Best Burgers?

My Burrito: Big Breakfast

Smoked bacon, chorizo-chistorra (Spanish breakfast sausage), fried or scrambled eggs, mushrooms, smoked tomatoes, hash browns or papas y chorizo, black or pinto beans, Morcilla (Spanish black pudding), 2 warm corn tacos, rancheros salsa.

Hair of the dog

Masa + Mezcal: Carne Asada

Steak, eggs and a picante salsa, perfectly paired with one of their brunch cocktails such as a Mezcal Mary or a Morning Margarita – if that doesn’t kickstart your day in the right way I don’t know what will.

Wings Diner – Chicken & Rice Bowl

Undoubtedly the best fried chicken in town, and as much as I love their burgers and dirty fries, their chicken with peanut sauce (other sauces are availabe), blue garlicky rice and a token amount of salad has saved me on countless hangover days.

Plus they’re based in Small Bar, so you’ve got plenty of choice for your restorative beer. Hard recommend!

North St Standard: Urban breakfast

One of the biggest Bristol breakfasts out there – this beast won’t leave any room for a hangover once you’re done.

They also make a good Bloody Mary, and have plenty of tasty beers on tap to take the edge off that headache.

Quay Street Diner – Fried Chicken & Waffles

This Californian-style diner does a range of regular breakfasts, pancakes and eggs royale, but it’s this dish that makes their brunch menu stand out (that, and the breakfast churros, dear lord).

You can also add bottomless prosecco or Bloody Marys to your brunch for £15 per person!

Alternatively, if you’re in a full blown hurricane of a hangover (dizzy spells, nausea, urges to turn over a new leaf and start a community farm should you live to see the end of the day), I suggest the best thing is to stay in bed and rely on the pity of your partner or housemate to bring you some Berocca and some Lucozade, and go on your food quests another day. Happy Hangovers!

Often to be found propping up a bar and eyeing up its rum selection, Shonette is an avid Bristol explorer and food muncher - take a look at her blog A Life Less Organised for her guides to the city's best pub crawls, roasts and more.

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