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The Best Bristol Gin Bars

There are few joys simpler than a G&T enjoyed in the sunshine, and seeing as we’re now on the slow descent into autumn, it’s time to start taking advantage of the warm evenings while they’re still around.

Here are Bristol’s best G&T joints, from quirky cocktail bars through to neighbourhood pubs. Stay classy, Bristol; and by classy, I mean sozzled.

1. Pump House

 “Gin and tonic, please.” “Any particular type of gin?” At the Pump House, that’s something of a loaded question.

If we’re talking gin, then this harbour gem is The Don. At the time of writing they have over 600 gins behind the bar, and craft each G&T combo with finesse. You’ll probably never make it through their entire selection, but given their waterside view and excellent menu, there are few places better to enjoy a sophisticated drink al fresco.

2. Psychopomp

Bristol’s very own microdistillery and bar, located at the top of St Michael’s Hill, and well worth the trek too. Take a seat and marvel at their copper still and shelves of lovely homemade gin, then work your way through the menu.

They offer tasting sessions and there’s also talk of a ‘How to make your own gin’ class in the near future too…

Find out more about Psychopomp by reading: ‘Is this Bristol’s best gin bar?’

3. Milk Thistle 

Not only does this classy cocktail joint do one of the best Aviations in town and have a great flagship gin cocktail in the form of the Milk Thistle Daisy, but you can also extend your knowledge of all things gin at one of their monthly Gin Clubs. One for some late night gin appreciation.

4. Bravas

Moving to a more Mediterranean vibe, this small tapas Bristol bar on Cotham Hill not only serves up great food, but a spot on G&T menu to match. Choose from classics such Martin Millers with grapefruit and lemon zest, or Bombay Sapphire with orange & lemon zest and flaked almonds. Their Gingria is also a perfect accompaniment to some Spanish snacks whilst sat up at the bar.

5. Bristol Dry Gin

Yes, Bristol is home to not one but several gin distilleries, and these are the bolder boys in town, both when it comes to flavours and marketing! Head to their bar under The Rummer in St Nick’s, then choose between their classic dry gin, one of their flavoured creations or the super-strength Turbo Island Edition (a whopping 75% ABV!).

You can sit down with a civilised G&T or join one of their tasting sessions on a Friday or Saturday.

6. The Green Man

This teeny neighbourhood pub in Kingsdown may seem like an ale drinker’s paradise, but their gin selection is also mighty impressive (over 100 at the last count).

Whether you pop in for their Monday offer, fantastic roasts or enjoy your gin with one of the free sarnies they lay on every Friday, you’re in for a great evening.

7. Weber & Tring’s

Want some top notch gin to enjoy in the comfort of your own home? Or want to buy the perfect present for that G&T guzzler dear to your heart? Pop along to this lush shop on Christmas Steps and take your pick from their premium selection – they also sell a range of tonics, nice glasses and gift sets, as well as running their own tasting classes and ‘Make your own gin’ workshops.

8. Bristol Spirit

Head to this friendly and quirky little bar in Whitehall/Easton for some fantastic cocktails, most of them made with the infused gins and vodkas from Espensen Spirit – I can’t recommend their Ruby Cuby rhubarb & custard gin enough, and it’s even better in a cocktail!

If you time it right you might even make it along for one of their sausage dog socials, film screenings or cat quizzes!

Still thirsty? Maybe have a day trip to Thornbury just outside Bristol to go and visit the 6 O’Clock Gin distillery?

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