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6 Unbelivable Time Lapse Videos of Bristol Balloon Fiesta



Brilliant Bristol Balloon Fiesta Time Lapse Videos

Did you hear? There was some sort of fiesta involving balloons going on last weekend. 500,000 people flocked to Ashton Court to watch balloons ascend. Well if you did miss it, we’ve uncovered 6 unbelievable time lapses so you can relieve every moment.

1. Friday evening for the launch of the fiesta. This completely captures the sheer size of the balloon ascent.

2. Straight from Clifton Down on Saturday

3. Fantastic time lapse capturing the dragon and minion hot air balloons inflating and ascending.

4. A brilliant time lapse, capturing various different ascents. The best one starts at 1.19.

5. Shot on a GoPro 4 in glorious 4k, this one is very sexy.

6. The view from Southville: A quick 10 seconds but leaves a breathtaking view of all the balloons.

Did you take any amazing photos or videos of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta? Well upload them already and send them in!

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