best of balloon fiesta

Glorious close ups of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Resident man on Bristol’s ground, Colin Moody was (like 499,999 other people this weekend) at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta capturing the best the balloons had to offer.

1. For some of us its the first time, for others they remember every event and come back proudly displaying their balloon badges. He might be on the ground but he was up there with them in spirit.

balloon fiesta

2. Its not just balloons, there were some great rides for the adrenalin seekers. This man waits for his turn to be flipped and spun.

balloon3. This is so Bristol. He’s up and away and wants to share that with the crowd who cheer in response. A sunbeam sees him on his way.
bristol balloon in the air

4. The sun never stopped shining on Saturday. Here it bursts through capturing a little of how epic this day was.


cameron balloon fiesta

5. The superb Power Rangers balloons were there, and what fun when hordes of Rangers burst out to entertain the crowd. Here on their way back the Blue Rangers are still looking out for evil. #RangersTakeFlight

power rangers balloon fiesta

6. Have you ever seen powered paragliders write a fish in the sky before?
balloon fiesta parachute7. Tom from Made In Bristol TV filmed everything. He now has a flat groove on that shoulder.

made in bristol balloons
 8. This is the point at which this balloon leaves the earth. The last hand is coming away and look how focused each member of the ground crew are. All eyes on a good ascent.
made in bristol balloon fiesta9. The three stages of balloon flight are – Inflated ready to go, Up and rising and Wheeeeee.
balloon fiesta

10. I got into the basket and this lady helped hold it down. Her eyes were on fire.

balloon fiesta sunglasses

11. This GB balloon is making its way up and to the left. Makes you proud.

british balloon fiesta

9 shots of your choosing of the amazing Balloon Fiesta (seen by me) are available for £30. 30cm square prints are printed locally and can be ordered for just £30 and or in a frame for £65. To order just email me at [email protected].

colin moody

Colin Moody is one of the presenters of The Source on Made In Bristol TV, host for events charities and companies. On BCfm 93.2fm, iPad guru to Bristol’s elders, and a phenomenal Bristol photo blogger. Armed with his iPad, Colin takes glorious photos of Bristol, completely capturing Bristol’s essence.

Sam Gillies, the founder and editor of Best of Bristol. Purveyor of numerous Bristol lists, guides & videos. Most likely found attempting to find interesting street art across Bristol and other cities.

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