Bristol newspapers from 1701 to 2015. Before the 'Bristol Post' there was the 'Bristol Post Boy', first published by William Bonney. Bristol's newspaper history is a confusing mess of different papers, lots of them publishing for less than a year before discontinuing, or

Stop Everything, UKIP do porn! Bristol Stockwood's UKIP candidate and vice chairman of the party in Bristol, John Langley has admitted he's a porn star veteran. Mr. Langley aka. 'Johnny Rockard' was happy to confirmed he's appeared and produced loads of X-rated films, including

We asked Bristol to caption this glorious photo of George Ferguson https://twitter.com/BristolBestof/status/585008912753098752 Our top ten responses are in: 10) Terry Nimash: "Are you banksy?" 9) @Bn9Plumber:  "I don't know what you're looking at Mr, who's green trousers are you wearing?" 8) Devesh Parekh: "Woman hears something on the grapevine." 7) Geoff Amor:

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