There was a time when one of Bristol’s eye sores was actually pretty cool.

You know that ‘lovely’ car park in the centre of town? There was a time when this ‘multi deck garage’ was actually the first of it’s kind in the country.

Bristol car park

This amazing classic video of Bristol from British Pathé, shows the Bristol multi story car park as the lovely named ‘multi-deck garage’ fresh as it opens in 1961 with a big green Bristol bus.

Bristol multi car park

There was no automatic ticket barrier here, you got a man in a full on lab coat sorting your ticket out at the entrance.

Bristol Car Park Ticket

Whilst back in 1961 you could still see the flagship John Lewis department store before it became the marvellous Primark.

Bristol Primark Building
Isn’t Bristol great? You can watch our Bristol video of the week here:

Do you remember when the opening of the car park? Was it really as awesome as the voice over makes out? We severely doubt it but do comment below if that was the case.

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