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The best things you notice when moving to Bristol (and three of the worst)

Since moving to Bristol from the North towards the end of last year, I’ve been spending my days exploring and getting to know this new city. I’ve still not quite got my head around how to get to Clifton yet, but here’s what I’ve been enjoying about my stay so far.

1. Gloucester Road

It’s everything you could ever want – independent shops, great bars and interesting people all in one handy street.

2. The Bear Pit

What’s better than a bog-standard roundabout? A pit including a fruit and veg shop and a burrito van.

3. Pieminister


Because northern girls love pie.

4. The venues

colston hall

Colston Hall, the Hippodrome and the O2 Academy are all a stones throw from each other, not to mention all the smaller venues across the city. Whatever you’re into there’ll be something on to wet your whistle.

5. Stokes Croft

Home to loads of great independent bars and restaurants, Stokes Croft can play host to a wild night out, a quiet drink or a romantic meal.

6. The graffiti

bristol grafitti

No article on the best things about Bristol could go without mentioning the graffiti. The whole city is an ever-changing work of art.

7. Independent shopping

think local boycott tesco sign

All your shopping needs can be met without stepping foot into a supermarket chain. There’s loads of great vintage and charity shops too.

8. Rainbow Bridge

rainbow bridge bristol

Have you ever seen a nicer looking bridge? Thought not.

9. The accent

gert lush

It’s just so jolly. Even when the mechanic is telling you that your car has failed its MOT, it still makes you want to give him a hug.

10. Christmas Steps

christmas steps bristol

Festive all year round. Bonus points to anyone that can tell me how they got their name.

And the three worst things about moving to Bristol…

1. The hills

the hills

I can barely walk up these bad boys, let alone ride a bike up one. They do make for nice views though.

2. The roads


The roads are busy and parking is a nightmare. Guess I’ll need to start riding my bike up those hills instead.

3. It’s never ending

never ending

Just when I finally think I know my way round, I find a whole other undiscovered area. I was here just yesterday and I’d still struggle to find my way back.

So that’s my take on Bristol so far. If you think you can do better, get in touch with your suggestions of places for me to see or visit and I’ll go and check them out.

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