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29 years of my life I have been living and breathing the Bristol life. Granted, the early years were a little bit of a blur but that didn’t stop the foundations of what I know today being anchored deep in my mind.

Being hungry for adventure, from an early age, it was clear to me that traveling would be a key part of my life. That said, my sense of adventure began to take me abroad and I began to neglect the city I was from.

As I began to photograph the world I began to realize that this small little city in the heart of the south of England had so much to offer.

Since picking up a camera 6 years ago I have been digesting everything Bristol has to offer. I could sit here and write about Bristol for hours but I will let the images do the talking.

These are my top 10 locations to visit whatever the weather

1. Bristol Balloon Fiesta

bristol balloon fiesta

There’s no real way of escaping The Balloon fiesta if you live near Ashton court. Nothing beats the roaring sound of the Gas burner as the Balloon skims your Chimney Stack!

2. Totterdown


Hosts one of the most decorative and colourful rows of houses in Bristol. To get a really good view it’s best to head up on top of Victoria Park.

3. Chew Valley Lake

chew valley

Given that my Grandad has worked at the lakes for as long as I can remember, I have many fond memories of days around the them from dog walks, practicing fly fishing and even helping bringing the fishing boats in.

4. Clifton Suspension Bridge

clifton suspensiom bridge

It speaks for itself – you don’t need my opinion on this one!

5. Severn Beach

Even though Severn Beach has since lost its title as a holiday and pleasure resort, it still hosts a great footpath known as the Severn Way which follows the course of the River Severn all the way through to mid-Wales and western England. Also chances to see Seals and over 200 species of bird!

6. Blaise Castle

blaise castle

A place known to host the footprint of a Giant, By the name of Goram. There were actually two giants both of which (according to myths) Formed the landscape surrounding Bristol we know today.

7. Bristol Harbour Festival

harbour festival

One of Bristol most anticipated festivals – celebrating the maritime heritage and the importance of the (still active) Bristol dock. Giving you everything from live music, street performances stretching throughout the city center.

8. Ashton Court

ashton court

I’ve lost count on how many times I have walked around Ashton court – from a young lad I spent many years cycling through its many tracks right up to today where cycling has been replaced by taking my family on long walks with the dog.

It also houses two species of deer on either side of the estate. One side even gives you the chance to get up close to these wonderful creatures, all while looking back to the city I call home.

9. Clifton Promenade


Autumn Walks here are a must if you are ever consider visiting at that time of year. If you catch the right morning, some morning fog transforms this place in to a photographers paradise. Only a short walk to Clifton observatory too.

10. Cabot Tower

After walking up the tower’s narrow steps and reaching the top you are greeted with one of the best views in Bristol – Panoramic views overlooking every corner of the city.

You can see more of my photos on my Instagram @perkspectivephotography

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