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Bristol’s Unusual Urban Legends

Crocodiles, millionaire Bristol Zoo parking attendants and unusual hums. There’s some very interesting urban legends in Bristol.

Bristol Hum

During the 1970s, Bristol residents would complain of an unusual noise only heard at night. Stopping in 1979, reports are back of this strange phenomena.

Bristol Zoo Parking Attendant

One of the most famous Bristol urban legends. The Bristol Zoo car park was supposedly manned by a single person for 23 years. Charging £1 for cars and £5 for coaches, one day he didn’t turn up for work and the Bristol Zoo called the council to get them to send a new parking attendant, yet they had no idea who this man was. Rumours persists that he’s sitting on a Bermudan beach with about 7 million in the bank

Aliens in Bristol

In 2013 this unusual alien creature was spotted in the Bristol harbour. Sadly this turned out to be an elaborate stunt from the TV channel – Watch.

Bristol loved Betamax

Remember Betamax? The HD DVD of it’s generation. Rumour had it Bristol was one of the last places in the UK to stop using Betamax. The tapes and players came in from Avonmouth and the rumour is the dock workers ‘took’ them and distributed cheaply around Bristol.

Bristol Crocodile

This one has been coming up for years after being ‘spotted’ in the River Avon with sightings all the way up to Portway.

There’s only Bristol Uber Driver

Have you ever tried to get an Uber in Bristol? You’ll usually have to strike it pretty lucky to find one that is free…

Society of Merchant Venturers holding all the power in Bristol

A ‘charitable and business networking group’ with a lot of business links in Bristol. Rumours state that little happens within Bristol without the Merchant Venturers say so. George Ferguson also used to be a member… make of that what you will – like this guy.

Door of the Hatchett is made of human skin

One of the oldest pubs in Bristol dating from 1606. Legend has it beneath the paint of it’s front door you’ll find human skin.

Ghost in the Odeon

Back in 1947, the Odeon’s manager was horrifically murdered. The perpetrator was never caught and his case was closed unsolved after 30 years. This place has seen strange goings on ever since, with the Reverend Lionel visiting the Odeon to conduct an exorcism in the 1990s.

That was a few of Bristol’s famous urban legends. Have you got any that we’ve missed?

Sam Gillies, the founder and editor of Best of Bristol. Purveyor of numerous Bristol lists, guides & videos. Most likely found attempting to find interesting street art across Bristol and other cities.

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