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Vegan burger and facade of Three Brothers Burgers Vegan burger and facade of Three Brothers Burgers


Three Brothers Burgers Launch New Vegan Menu, & It’s Epic!



Three Brothers Burgers join the growing list of plant-based menus in Bristol.

Three Brothers Burgers, one of Bristol’ elite burger restaurants on Welsh Back – famed for its towering, meaty burgers, are the latest burger place to join the plant-based movement, having launched a new vegan menu.

Tray of vegan food from Three Brothers Burger

The food is served on a tray brandishing the colours of the vegan menu.

Anyone familiar with Three Brothers, will likely know the immense, greasy stacks on offer from this part-boat, part-land restaurant (which remarkably has a large tree growing through the middle of it), but the time has come for them to join the ever-growing vegan market, especially important, in a liberal city like Bristol.

Entering the former Spyglass restaurant on terre ferme, you’re greeted with a hand-drawn sign asking you to wait to be seated, and a large cuboid fish tank that leaves you wondering if those medusae among the goldfish are actually real.

We’re taken down a boardwalk onto the boat, a brightly lit and quirky space sitting on Bristol’s Floating Harbour.

Vegan fried chicken from Three Brothers Burger

Vegan ‘Buttermilk Fried Chicken Strips’ (£4.50).

Whilst deliberating our order, our lovely waitress offered us some vegan ‘Buttermilk Fried Chicken Strips’ (£4.50) and boy were they good. Very well seasoned, crispy and moreish.

So moreish in fact that I had to consciously slow down whilst inhaling them, reminding myself I was, in fact, sharing these and having further internal dialogue over the practicalities of ordering another portion before an impending feast.

As I believe a bacon cheeseburger to be the yardstick when it comes to burgers, I opted for the plant-based version of that, alongside the similarly industry-standard chicken burger of a piece of fried chicken, lettuce and mayo. Both arrived on a tray covered in branded paper, with the other treats we’d chosen.

Vegan cheeseburger from Three Brothers Burger

Vegan ‘Bacon Cheeseburger’ (£7.75).

The seitan ‘Bacon Cheeseburger’ (£7.75), with house dressing, baby gem lettuce and red onion, is accompanied by a marvel only understood by keen vegan chefs; it goes by the neologism ‘facon’.

Also made of seitan, this crispy, smoky strip is a pleasant addition to a cheesy stack that tastes like a proper burger. The patty could do with being thicker perhaps, though it’s certainly good value when compared to the cost of other vegan burgers in Bristol at present. 

A vegan chicken burger from Three Brothers Burgers

A cross section of the vegan ‘Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger’ (£7.85).

The seitan ‘Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger’ (£7.85) is one of the crispiest coated pattys I’ve ever eaten and delightfully paired with the soft bun, lettuce and spicy mayo.

With the ‘special seasoning’ running throughout the seitan, as well as the coating, it’s not your average chicken mayo but it will really hit the spot and satisfy your craving for burgers, without the feeling of regret that sometimes follows overindulging on dirty food.

Vegan hotdog from Three Brothers Burger

‘Vegan Hotdog’ (£6.00).

Regrettably, in terms of overall volume, I made the error of ordering the ‘Vegan Hotdog’ (£6.00). A seitan wurst style dog with caramelised onion, topped with a vegan cheese sauce that the chef was trialling.

The subtle smokiness of the ‘sausage’ and the sweetness of the onion made this a pretty solid option for the price, and it’s available with fries for a fiver if you go in between 12-5pm.

Vegan chilli fries from Three Brothers Burger

Vegan ‘Chilli Cheese Fries’ (£4.50).

Special mention for the spicy vegan ‘Chilli Cheese Fries’ (£4.50), which I’d peg as excellent value comparing them to the offerings in other restaurants.

My partner is as opposed to spicy food as one can be, but she really enjoyed these whilst carefully navigating around the sliced chilli. Honestly, this is the first thing I’ll be ordering next time I visit. Absolutely banging!

Despite ordering an amount I’d usually be comfortable with, we were unable to finish what we’d ordered and as someone who will eat to the point of nausea to avoid food waste, I asked if we could have a doggy bag. Our waitress obliged and returned the food in plastic-free containers for us to take home, so order with peace of mind when you visit.

Exterior of Three Brothers Burger

The pretty exterior of Three Brothers Burgers on Welsh Back.

The thing that really stands out for me is that the vegan menu is almost identical in content and format to the standard menu. You can get the same compositions as your omnivorous pals, but with cruelty-free seitan pattys in the style of beef and fried chicken. We have come a long way since the days of a piss-poor veggie option, but this is quite something in my opinion.

For most it’s not about opening entirely vegan restaurants and changing the world, it’s about making the dining experience as inclusive as possible for consumers. À la Pieminister, this is the kind of place where meat-eaters and vegans can dine in complete harmony. If anyone takes the piss out of what you’re eating here, it’s not because your food sucks, it’s because they suck!

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Three Brothers Burgers Address: Welsh Back, Bristol, BS1 4SB.

Three Brothers Burgers opening times:

  • Mon: 12 -23:00
  • Tues: 12 -23:00
  • Wed: 12 -23:00
  • Thurs: 12 -23:00
  • Fri: 11:45 -23:00
  • Sat: 11:30 -23:00
  • Sun: 11:30 -20:00





Head of Content / Cider Correspondent. Born and bred in East-Bristol, Mitch aka @antimitch is a freelance photographer and cultivates social media accounts with finesse, which is why you’ll find him in charge of Best of Bristol’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Mitch is a keen plant-based foodie, so provide him with cider and snacks for a friendly service.

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Vegan burger and facade of Three Brothers Burgers Vegan burger and facade of Three Brothers Burgers
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Three Brothers Burgers Launch New Vegan Menu, & It’s Epic!

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