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There’s A Bristolian Lingo Bingo With Chicken Wings Happening Next Week

Bingo Wings, Bristolian Lingo Bingo is Back for a One-Off Event

Bingo Wings, The original Bristolian lingo bingo is back for a one-off special event! So get your dabbers ready, Bristol!  However, there will be no “two fat ladies” but plenty of “Ark at ee” as you cross off your favourite Bristolian phrases.

Plus, you get chicken wings and if you’re very lucky a thumb war to settle bingo draws!

bingo wings

Bingo Wings was originally created and organised by Thom Foodery as a Foozie event. It’s been brought back by Duchess Media, with the help of Thom, for a one-off event for their Bristol to Base camp trek which is raising money for Phase Worldwide. 

A bunch of Bristolians will be making the trek to raise money for Phase Worldwide who were started to help support projects in some of the most remote and rural communities in Nepal and the world. In these areas, poor health, low levels of education and few livelihood opportunities trap people in a cycle of poverty.

This cycle prevents people from taking control of their lives. Phase Worldwide work to end this through empowerment. They enable people to access knowledge, skills, services, whilst at the same time, strengthening local government provision. 

You can get tickets to this event here:

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