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The Stable Bristol Showcases New Pizza Menu

You like pizza, right? And cider? How about cider? ‘Course you do. I do too, which is why I jumped at the chance to try the new menu at The Stable — the popular Bristol pizza, pies and cider joint on Bristol’s busy harbour.

One fine evening last week, The Stable swung open their doors to showcase their wares, and the city’s pizza and cider connoisseurs came in their droves — all eager to sample the new creations.

The evening began as all good evenings do, with cider. The Stable prides itself on the diversity of its selection, and the quality of the brews they stock is most impressive. With varied flavours to suit all palates — from sweet through to medium and dry — sourced from traditional orchards across the South West, it’s a haven for lovers of the apple juice with a kick. As we sat huddled in The Stable’s cozy side room, the in-house cider sommelier (is that a thing?) talked us through the range — eager to impart to us his affection for the produce we were sampling.

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Suitably lubricated, we progressed through to the cavernous yet welcoming restaurant area, and tucked in to delicious pizza straight from the ovens.

Fresh ingredients such as dry-cured bacon, Dorset cheese, West Country smoked ham, Longhorn ground beef… <drifts off into pizza-trance…> err… were presented under eye-catchingly local titles like the Clifton Suspender, the Avonmouth Angler and the Fresh Hawaiian, and the flavours all hit the mark.

Where do you stand on pineapple on pizza? No-one cares, the choice here is huge.

As the evening came to a close, we left with heads swimming from the cider we’d been swilling and bellies full of delicious pizza. Drifting off into the night, many of the diners were already making mental notes to book back in for another round soon.

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Born and raised on the banks of the Norfolk Broads, Chris made his way through Yorkshire, Normandy, Champagne, Asia, South America and London, before falling head-over-heels for Bristol’s vibrant street art and food scenes. Chris writes for fun, for the creative buzz and for a living, and loves waxing lyrical on Bristol’s diverse culinary offerings. You’ll find him spinning through the Mendip Hills by bike, sharpening his squash skills, swimming in local lakes and rivers, or slurping fine zider on Bristol Harbour with his wife.

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