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As many are already aware, one of the UK’s best clubs – Fabric recently had its license revoked. This in itself was a move that Islington Council and the Met Police fantastically managed to combine short sightedness, stupidity, greed and general incompetence all into one ill conceived decision.

A decision that was taken from the advice of an undercover police operation that found no hard evidence of drug taking inside fabric, but instead on vague observations such as individuals that were;

“Manifesting symptoms showing that they were (on drugs). This included sweating, glazed red eyes and staring into space,” and also that “people in the smoking area enquiring about the purchase of drugs…I believe within earshot of the security officer”.

If you value your nightlife in Bristol, you need to care about what happened to Fabric. This decision will have repercussions across London but also potentially right here in Bristol in the near future. If one of the capital’s biggest nightlife institutions can fall in this manner then it doesn’t take too much of a leap of faith to see that this could conceivably happen here within Bristol.

As Bill Brewster fantastically writes, ‘British clubs are being scapegoated for society’s drug problems, and strangled by licensing laws and spiralling rents. If we’re not careful they’ll disappear’.

If Fabric’s appeal isn’t successful then a dangerous precedent will have been set; that closing clubs are the solution to a horrifically mismanaged drug & policing policy within Britain. It needs everyone who has ever spent a night out enjoying electronic music to take notice and stand up for an industry that gets some of the most absurd advice, such as music with lower beats per minute making party-goers less endangered by drug use, that only an out of touch councillor can provide.

In light of this some of the UK’s biggest players in dance music have come together in solidarity for a run of winter dates to support fabric’s #saveourculture campaign.


The cast of stellar names includes Bristol’s own Team Love, Motion & The Blast working with Sub Club, Eastern Electrics and Resident Advisor to announce a series a shows across London with all profits going towards fabric’s fundraising campaign.

Reflecting the level of talent that has been showcased every weekend over the club’s 17-year history, the programming for the series draws inspiration from fabric’s line-ups to ensure the soul of the club runs through each event.

The #saveourculture series kicks off at Great Suffolk Street on 15th October, taking place on the same date and inheriting the lineup which would have been fabric’s 17th birthday. Fabric staples Ricardo Villalobos and Seth Troxler will team up with resident Craig Richards for a rare three-way set in Arch 1; while Berlin’s Ben Klock and Rødhåd will be joined by fabric resident Terry Francis in Arch 2.

Following this, Nina Kraviz touches down with Alan Fitzpatrick on December 3rd, while Jamie Jones plays alongside Kink on December 10th.

Ricardo Villalobos, Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Craig Richards, Nina Kraviz, Alan Fitzpatrick, Ben Klock, Terry Francis and Rødhåd are representing and showing their solidarity.

Tickets for all shows are on sale via RA on Friday 30th September at 9am, with all profits going to #saveourculture.

The show must go on…


October 15th: #SAVEOURCULTURE 1
Arch 1: Craig Richards, Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler
Arch 2: Ben Klock, Rødhåd, Terry Francis

December 3rd: #SAVEOURCULTURE 2
Arch 1: Nina Kraviz, Craig Richards, More TBA
Arch 2: Alan Fitzpatrick, Barker and Baumecker (live), Terry Francis

December 10th: #SAVEOURCULTURE 3
Arch 1: Craig Richards, Jamie Jones, KiNK (live)
Arch 2: Luke Slater, Function, Terry Francis, More TBA

To donate to the Fabric campaign head over here:

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