Bristol lightsaber

So…. there is a lightsaber combat academy in Bristol

There has been an awakening in Bristol….
Eight years ago three Italian masters set up the academy of lightsaber combat. Now classes are held in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Russia and for the last year Bristol, Cheltenham and soon Cardiff. This is a new form of competitive combat based on the seven styles of lightsaber techniques from the star wars universe.
  • Kids 8-12 are ‘apprentices’, whilst 13+ are “younglings”
  • Younglings begin with a blue lightsaber but once you’ve made stage three you become a Jedi and can choose your own lightsaber colour
  • You can choose to be a Sith or a Jedi Knight
They are always looking to include more people into this rapidly growing and unique sport. These videos show just what they do from their Italian origins to international tournaments.

They will be running a national competition in November which will showcase their athletes competing for a place in next year’s internationals in Milan.
You can find out more on their Facebook and Twitter  or [email protected].

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