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Dal Festival coming to Bristol next year

The curtain is closing on an amazing year for Bristol’s culinary scene, with successful café and restaurant launches, exciting food festivals, bustling markets and more. Looking ahead to 2018 there’s already plenty to shout about, and the British Dal Festival will be landing in Bristol this March.

The festival will highlight the diversity and simplicity of this popular staple, with bean, lentil and pea dishes from all four corners of the world. It’s set to take place in Bristol from 19th to 25th March, 2018.

Dal may be most readily linked to countries like India and Nepal, but this basic bean dish is enjoyed across Asia, South America and beyond. As people turn their backs on meat-based diets for reasons of taste or sustainability, dishes like dal are being pushed more and more into the spotlight. The inaugural British Dal Festival is testament to that.

dal festival bristol

Image courtesy of Jenny Chandler

“The British Dal Festival is a chance to share and

celebrate recipes from all our communities, spreading the

love for an affordable, healthy, sustainable and, above all, delicious dish.”

Jenny Chandler, United Nations European Pulse Ambassador 2016

With backing from the British Edible Pulses Association, the British Dal Festival is a free event due to take place in locations across Bristol. Hungry festival-goers will be following a route to many of the city’s welcoming cafes and restaurants, with delicious dal dishes to enjoy on route.

Aside from the food, the Dal Festival will shine a light on the many Bristol communities who have a fond attachment to this simple but delicious dish. 91 Ways — a local organisation bringing Bristol’s 91 language communities together — are also playing a large part in the cultural side of the festival.

Elsewhere at the festival, IncredibleEdible Bristol will be planting in the Bearpit, and Bristol Farmers’ Market will have local chefs in to dish up a range of dal specialities. Sunday March 25th, the final day of the festival, will see street food stands, market stalls, live demonstrations and music over at Paintworks on the Bath Road — before the festival closes for the year.

To find out more about the festival and its locations, you can find the organisers on social media here:

Twitter @BritishDalFest

Instagram @BritishDalFestival

Facebook /BritishDalFestiva

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