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26 Amazing Bristol Videos



Bristol videos

Fancy experiencing Bristol? Sit back and enjoy these 26 videos of Bristol.

1. A little Bristol film

Created by Fold Out Films, this amazing Bristol video utilises tilt shift to make Bristol look just like a toy town. Our all time favourite Bristol video.

2. Capturing Bristol

From the fantastic videographer Adrian Cabello this short film of Bristol (in 4k mind) fantastically shows Bristol life across the city.

3. Bristol morning mist

Created by the Bristol Nature Channel this beautiful video from a drone captures the Clifton Suspension Bridge in the middle of a misty morning.

4. Crane dance – a Bristol time lapse

A few years ago the fantastic crane dance took place outside of the M-Shed. Photographer Jamie Corbin captured the event with this beautiful time lapse video.

5. Bristol/2.5 ‘A Bleak Day At Home’

A collection of parallax photographs taken around Bristol on a pretty horrible day by Rob Potter.

6. My Bristol Lapse

Shot by Pablo de las Cuevas in 2013, it features over 100,000 pictures, using different techniques such as hyperlapses and 360º photography. It really shows the beauty of Bristol.

7. Bristol balloon fiesta time lapse

Shot in 2015 on a GoPro, this epic time lapse of the Bristol balloon fiesta ascent is fantastic.

8. Teaching Americans to speak Bristolian

We’re huge fans of Terry the Odd Job Man. This video of him teaching Bristolian to Americans is just fantastic.

9. There’s a bit of Bristol in New York

The story of how rubble caused from the WW2 in Bristol ended up in New York. Fascinating

10. Bristol in 1967

The British Pathe YouTube channel is an absolute gold mine for historic Bristol videos. This one shows how Bristol looked back in 1967. Expect a few more in this list.

11. Portishead II

Made by the very talented Ben Maliphant, this timelapse film of Portishead used 23,757 raw photos that were shot over 3 years of beautiful sunsets, sunrises, moonrises and starry nights in Portishead and the Gordano Valley.

12. Stokes Croft Riots – 2011

A different type of video compared to the others. It’s easy to forget that back in 2011 Stokes Croft erupted into a riot following the opening of a Tesco. Bristol Life captured this insane event right in the heart of the action.

13. Bristol, a charming city

Created by Moisés Pérez as an ode to Bristol back in 2011, he captures the day to day life around Bristol.

14. Bristol – A winter wonderland

Another film by Nim Jethwa, this one showcases day-to-day life in a wintery Bristol, capturing unexpected beauty in everyday moments.

15. Bristol rag week at Bristol University in 1953.

Another Pathe video, this one features students throwing fish guts at each other back in the 50s.

16. Bristol, a short film about my home

Made by Ciara Hillyer, a brilliant Bristol vlogger who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. This video paints a great picture about Bristol.

17. Bristol lightsaber flashmob

The most watched Bristol flashmob where everyone breaks out into a giant lightsaber fight in Bristol’s Cabot Circus on 13th February 2010.

18. Bananas arrive back in Bristol

Following the war bananas arrived back into Bristol for the first time in 1948. We love this primarily for the fantastic old timey voices.

19. The official tourist guide to Bristol

Made by Visit Bristol, this beautiful video showcases Bristol and paints a great picture of it to new comers.

20. Bristol dialect works

Korean Billy teaches people how to pronounce British dialects. This one on Bristolian is clearly the best.

21. Multi-deck garage (1961)

You know that massive ugly car park in the centre of Bristol? Well there was a time when this was the first of its kind in the UK and was celebrated for its technological wonder. Insane

22. DJ Derek’s Sweet Memory Sounds

This BBC documentary made in 1994 about DJ Derek is a beautiful insight into the sadly passed away Bristol legend.

23. Bristol’s grammar vigilante

The story of the self-proclaimed ‘grammar vigilante’ who goes out undercover in Bristol correcting shop fronts and street signs in Bristol.

24. Brenda

The infamous video that doesn’t need much of an introduction. Brenda from Bristol is told there will be a snap election.

25. Park and slide

Of the many awesome things that have happened in Bristol, the Park Street water slide is up there with the best. This is the official video from that summer day in 2014.

26. Olympic torch goes across the Clifton Suspension Bridge

The official video from this amazing 2012 moment.



Sam Gillies, the founder and editor of Best of Bristol. Purveyor of numerous Bristol posts, lists, stories, videos and Bristol photos. Having spent years in Bath looking enviously at how good Bristol was, I moved to Bristol in 2011 and consider myself a convert to a Bristol obsessive. Most likely found attempting to find interesting street art across Bristol and other cities.


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