Aluna is Bristol’s latest cocktail bar

Remember the Thai Edge on Broadquay? Well there’s a new place to drink with a cocktail bar that’s replaced it. Aluna uses alchemy to create cocktails that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere in Bristol. We sampled our way through 8 of their social scientist’s creations to get a taste of what Aluna has to offer.

1. Asian Infusion

aluna achemy

‘I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before mate’ said the incredibly Australian cocktail whizz. This gin sharer is brewed in a cauldron before exploding in a puff of smoke right on the table. If you’re at Aluna on a date then sport a knowing smirk and order this one.

2. Spiced Mai Thai

spiced mai thai

Reminiscent of sherbert with lashings of coconut. Fun for all the family…18 and above obviously.

3. Mochatini


Will blow away the cobwebs. Rich and opulent like a good velvet jacket.

4. Bubblegumtini


Have a listen to this one as it literally spits in your ear like a llama on speed. Reminiscent of a Screwball it tastes as blue as it looks. Cocktail for the Snapchat generation.

5. Strawberry Mojito

strawberry mojito

Solid glass work on this one. Not too sweet and darn tasty. One of the most gleaming strawberries we’ve seen in Bristol. Locally sourced?

6. Old Fashioned

spiced mai thai

Never before has orange and whisky sat so comfortably together since Dale Winton and his drinking days.

7. Marshmallow Daiquiri

Marshamallow Daiquiri

Bit strange this one, it definitely divided opinions on our table. Something of an acquired taste you could say.

8. Patriot’s Potion

aluna steam

Isambard Kingdom Brunel would be proud of this steamy beast. Earl Grey and Gin fused with a dollop of smoke coming out of the top.

The Verdict


What has this place got that Bristol needs? There’s a lot of new cocktail bars in Bristol but Aluna offers something a bit different. There’s impressive cocktail flairing (featuring fire), whilst we saw things we didn’t know could be done with drinks.

injection cocktail

For this kind of place and its location the cocktails are pretty standardly priced from £6.95 to £9.95 and the drinks were scrumptiously tasty. If you love drinking in the centre, Aluna really should be on your radar next time you’re out.

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