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Bristol looks great in the morning

I’ve lived in Bristol for 13 years. It’s an amazing city, with so much to see and do all crammed into a relatively small area. I have a young child which has given me the ability to wake up at ungodly hours (I didn’t know what 5am was before he arrived…).

I’ll never forget looking out of the window very early one morning when my son was small and seeing a blanket of fog rolling across the city. I’d never seen anything like that before. After that moment, I started to take both my dog (and my camera) out for a walk early each morning… I always time our walks to coincide with sunrise.

The city is completely transformed during the ‘golden hour’ when the sun comes up, with golden rays of light bouncing off buildings and mist starting to rise. It can sometimes feel like I’m on another planet!

1. Solstice

clifton suspension bridge sunrise

I’d noticed a year earlier whilst walking across Clifton Suspension Bridge on the Summer Solstice that the sun was rising exactly in line with the bridge, so I had to make sure I caught it when it came round again.

2. A dram of sunrise

a dream of sunrise

Ashton Court is probably my favourite spot in the city. It feels like you’re way out in the countryside yet you are right on the doorstep of Bristol. You can see so much of the city from there. When the weather conditions are right, sunrise is spectacular to watch.

3. A barrel of grog

bristol harbour sunrise

Early mornings down by the harbour are amazing. It is so peaceful (aside from the occasional divebombing gull…).

4. The guardian

bristol stag

This was a pretty special sunrise – golden light, mist and then Stanley the stag coming over to say hi!

5. St Mary Redcliffe line-up

redcliffe sunrise

Bristol is a very compact city – I love being able to squish it all together with my zoom lens.

6. Bridge rays

clifton bridge sun

Sunrise at the Suspension Bridge can be amazing – when there is mist, the light slices through the bridge creating the most amazing rays.

7. Redcliffe sunrise

redcliffe sunrise

I’ve made friends with so many other photographers through @igersbristol on instagram and the Bristol photographic community. They are such a welcoming and brilliant bunch!

8. Another world

bristol red sun rise

Probably the best sunrise I saw last year. Mist and a Ghostbusters-style crazy sky – just what I’m looking for!

9. Create Centre reflection

create centre reflection

High tide and sunrise are always a good combination.

10. Cliftonwood colours


It’s a classic Bristol view and one I’ll never tire of.

11. Fawn at dawn

bristol fawn

The red deer at Ashton Court are beautiful and really inquisitive. I think they prefer Barney (my dog) to me though!

12. Down by the river

clifton suspension bridge from far away

Sometimes I’ll switch to sunsets – particularly when the bridge is concerned. The view from the Cumberland Basin is incredible – let’s hope it stays that way…

13. Clifton rays

clifton rays

I rarely plan a photo – I only noticed this one as I was walking home.

14. Harbour glow

bristol harbour glow

As the seasons change there are always new views to find in the city.

15. The abyss

clifton suspension bridge fog

The Suspension Bridge looks good no matter the weather. When it’s foggy though it looks like something from a science fiction film.

16. Tongue out

tongue out stag

I’ve clearly spent too much time with this lot…

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