Kongs of Kings Street

Kongs of Kings Street combines beer, food, table tennis, foosball and retro arcade machines to create a unique experience that’s unmatched anywhere in Bristol. Where else can you sink a Sierra Nevada, set the high score on Donkey Kong, stop for some halloumi chips before blade battling in a game of table tennis? We caught up with owner Toby to find out 13 things you might not know about Kongs of Kings Street.

1. It’s run by Toby and Max.

Having worked in the bar industry for years they wanted to work for themselves and open an independent bar with the best aspects of all the bars they’ve experienced.

Owners of Kongs

Toby and Max.

2. It’s still only 7 months old.

Opening 7 months ago on October 24th.

Kongs Opening Night

3. There are 12 beers and 2 ciders on tap.

Ranging from classics such as Amstell through to the slightly more crafty Birra Moretti, Sierra Nevada and Affligem, there’s plenty of great options for beer. For cider you’ll have to make do with Thatchers Gold and Symonds, there’s no tractor fuel here.

4. You can play table tennis indoors.

Tired of playing table tennis in the Bear Pit whilst you have to fend off 2 litre bottles of frosty jack’s wielding hobos? Then Kongs is perfect for you!

Kongs Table Tennis Bristol

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5. Probably the only bar in Bristol who’s name is inspired by Donkey Kong.

Wanting the name to actually mean something they combined their area and arcade machines to create….Donkey Kong, King Kong… ‘Kongs of Kings Street’.

Kongs King Street Sign

6. It’s previous occupants include the Koi nightclub and an Indian restaurant.

Ever go to Koi? Kongs could not be more different than the Apple Sourz pouring nightclub. It’s a testament to Toby and Max’s imagination that they saw the potential of the space. Being on King Street they couldn’t have wished to be on a better area, surrounded by other great independents like Small Bar, The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer, Spyglass and great open minded customers who seem to appreciate what they’re all doing.

Koi Nightclub Bristol

7. It’s inspired by Berlin.

It may be a bit cliché but Berlin has had a big influence on Kongs. Having a small budget, this style was a big help, keeping things pretty raw and still getting the finish that they wanted.

Kongs of King Street Inside

8. Rum and Ting is the favourite drink.

The wiper & true beers and Arbor ales go down really well but you must try the famous ‘halloumi chips’

Halloumi Chips

9. There are multiple arcade machines.

At Kongs you can kick back and play Double Dragon, Donkey Kong, 1942, Pacman, Street Fighter 2 (which is by far the favourite). They’ve even just introduced a special Kongs arcade machine that will have different classics on each month, kicking off with the massively popular metal slug.

Kongs of kings street arcade machines

10. Horst (the German destroyer) is the best at table tennis in the staff.

Rumour has it if you defeat Horst you get a free pint of Old Rosie.


Artists Impression.

11. World Superbike rider Leon Haslam has set high scores on Donkey Kong and Pacman.

They’ve even had Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman on the doorstep whilst filming Sherlock but not actually inside playing ping pong unfortunately.

12. Bristol Videos Games Social recently hosted a gaming day in Kongs where you could play GoldenEye…. GOLDENEYE!

GoldenEye Bristol

 13. Don’t expect chart or commercial music.

The DJs main staple in house and hip hop but they tend to deviate to what the dance floor is responding to. You will not find Madonna’s latest on a Friday night.

If you fancy sampling Kongs eclectic mix of nostalgia and fun then pop down to  13-15 Kings Street.

You can also find Kongs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Sam Gillies, the founder and editor of Best of Bristol. Purveyor of numerous Bristol lists, guides & videos. Most likely found attempting to find interesting street art across Bristol and other cities.

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