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Amazing Bristol photos

James Packwood takes absolutely stunning photos of Bristol. We caught up with him to see 13 of his favourite Bristol photos.

An Autumn Walk

bristol autumn

I love the fact that there are so many green places in Bristol, where you can feel like you’re not even in a city. This particular shot is taken in Birdcage Walk in Clifton.

B&W Cranes

m shed cranes

Bristol has so much history and a lot can be found around the old docklands. I don’t normally shoot in black and white but I feel it suited this shot, along with the view of the cranes from this angle.

Bluebell Carpet

bluebell carpet

Not technically in Bristol but close enough, Prior’s Woods turns into a magical place every spring where bluebells cover the woodland floor.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

clifton suspension bridge

It can’t be a collection of Bristol pics without a shot of the bridge. The classic Bristol landmark and even more spectacular when lit up.

Dundry Hill Views

view of dundry hill

I’ve only just discovered Dundry Hill and I’m glad I did.  With views all the way to Wales and over the whole of Bristol, you are always guaranteed a good sunset up here.

Evening Reflection Walk

bristol walk evening

Taken on the outskirts of Bristol, I was trying to capture the typical British countryside evening and this gentleman managed to perfectly time his walk.

Harbourside Sunset

bristol harbourside sunset

The harbourside is such a big part of the city and some evenings the setting sun lights it up with a lovely golden glow.

Hotwells Houses

hotwells houses

Quite a lot of my shots are around the Harbourside and the houses of Hotwells provide a beautiful colourful background for this particular stretch.

Muddy Coast

muddy coast

There is always a good sunset along the coast of the Bristol channel and I think this shot of the mud flats and salt marsh sums up this stretch of coast quite nicely.

Severn Bridge

severn bridge

I have taken quite a few shots of the Severn Bridge with beautifully coloured skies around sunset.  I quite like this one though, with more grey tones and capturing the movement of the clouds.

Temple Meads Station

temple meads station

One of the many impressive buildings in Bristol, and it looks particularly cool when illuminated at night. A long exposure shot here of a bus driving past leaving a colourful light trail.

Temple Quay at Night

temple quay at night

Bristol has many waterways winding through it and this area caught my eye with the row of street lights in front of trees giving nice reflections.

The Matthew

the matthew ship bristol

A good example of why I try to always have a camera on me when I’m out for a walk, you never know what scene may present itself.

Those were amazing pictures of Bristol from James Packwood. If you like these then find him on:

Flickr as jamespackwood

Facebook as jamespackwoodphotography

Or buy prints of his pics at

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