Dismaland Sad

It really is Dismal at Dismaland

Resident candid Bristol photographer Colin Moody is on the scene at Dismaland.

Welcome to my dismal collection of photographs.

Some have fallen in the water.
Some got left in my jeans and have had a dismal wash in with my dirty clothes.
Some have lights flashing into the camera that kind of ruined the shot.
Yeah, whatever. It’s what it is.
Take it or leave it.

1. Dismal Cinema.

Dismaland Cinema
Here is the first one. I left the picture in the fixing solution too long and it brought out these ‘ghosts in deckchairs’.  That sounds like a dismal band name to me. Whatever…

2. Take a leaflet

Dismaland Leaflet

This photograph I call take a leaflet.

It’s a photograph of a person handing someone else a leaflet.

3. Don’t bother looking at the art?

Dismaland Paintings
It looks like these paintings are looking at this visitor to Dismaland and asking the question, “you even bothered to take a look at us or would you rather just finish another text on your phone…?”

Good luck seeing the art because someone will almost certainly stand in front of you, take a picture and then just stay there telling all their mates how cool it all is.


4. Dismal queue

Dismaland Crowd
I wanted to take a photograph of the sun setting behind the Dismaland sign but by the time the queue got anywhere near it looked like this.
That’s a dismal little cloud lingering above the sign there.
Sorry about the grit that got onto the lens.
Oh well.

5. Another queue to sit on the bench that has the seagulls all over it

Dismaland Black and white

That’s the abattoir fair ground ride in the background and a truck thing.
The speaker above it all was playing lazy sponge bob
And it was just at this time I thought I’d take a picture.

This picture is actually 10% less dismal than the last one.

It’s got a person looking to the right.
That’s a bit less dismal.

6. Nailed that shot

Dismaland Castle

7. Only another twelve hours left till the end of your shift?

Dismaland SadYaaaay.

8. Men Don’t Protect

Men don't protect

Men Don’t Protect
And it stayed up there on the street roadworks sign for a few more seconds and she just kept looking at it.
Men Don’t Protect
Men Don’t Protect
The black space all around really adds to the dismal effect oui?
Didn’t want to crop any of it out.
The art wasn’t compromising and so why should I.

9. Sustainability

Dismaland Sign
This is actually an unedited, unfiltered, unintended photograph not from Dismaland at all. It just got left in the wrong folder. Pretty dismal. But thought send it anyway. I don’t know where this is, but they have a dismal attitude to sustainability and green issues evidently.

10. Is it in focus?

Dismaland Bench

Can you see the seagull drinking the pint?


11. One of the key moments here

Dismaland Photographer

Most people moved on but this guy with the mouse ears said I could get right in there.
The flashes make you feel numb after a while.

12. Oh the queue

Dismaland queuServes me right for going for fish and chips.

Nice cloud though.

It’s like one of those clouds from that popular children’s animation film places.

And it hovers over us all like a… Cloud.

13. The fire pit was stoked and the embers were flying

Dismaland Ferris Wheel

The petrol made your eyes water.

If you text you won’t notice when they singe holes in your jacket.

Bonus. I enjoyed Dismaland

Dismaland Road sign

I might check out Sea Front South next time.
Or the miniature railway.
The headlights from the police van helped me get this shot.


Armed with his iPad, Colin Moody takes glorious photos of Bristol, completely capturing Bristol’s essence. You can also find him on Twitter & Instagram.

You can see more of Colin’s ‘other’ work this Sunday 27th September at the M Shed for the Celebrating Age Festival in a photography project called ‘My Eyes’ – exploring the use of photographs as conversation starters for life story work with elder people.


Sam Gillies, the founder and editor of Best of Bristol. Purveyor of numerous Bristol lists, guides & videos. Most likely found attempting to find interesting street art across Bristol and other cities.

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