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The Bristol music scene is undergoing a renaissance at the moment with some really exciting acts coming up through the ranks. Bristol’s biggest music festival – Love Saves The Day (May 26th and 27th) – is a showcase for many of these acts so we asked Team Love for their top 10 local acts of 2017.

1. Elder Island (Saturday)

elder island

These guys are tipped to go onto huge things! They manage to beautifully blend elements of R&B, dance and pop music across a myriad of instruments. Check out their recent Seeds In Sands EP and we’re sure you will agree.

2. Hodge (Saturday)

He has been a staple in the Bristol techno scene for a good while now, but lately he’s really turned things up a notch. His release with Randomer on Dnous Ytivil (Livity Sound backwards) last year was up there as one of our favourites!

3. Deli G (Saturday)

We are thrilled to have Deli G come and join us after having such an illustrious hand in all parts of the music scene, especially in Bristol. He has been involved in everything from building sound systems to regular pirate radio shows. We’re sure he’ll provide a selection of soulful house and garage which only 40+ years in music could provide.

4. Eva Lazarus (Sunday)

eva lazarus

Eva has provided vocals for a lot of artists over the years – Jus Now, Stanton Warriors, Etherwood, Dub FX, Danny Byrd and Serocee to name just a few. We’re really excited to see her creating her own solo material now as well as continuing her huge pairings (she pops up on the recent Kreed and Gardna EP). It’s safe to say that she is definitely main stage material for the Sunday!

5. Jus Now (Sunday)

jus now

Technically only one half of Jus Now is from Bristol, with LAZABeam hailing from Trinidad and Tobago. However both of them come from a place steeped in bass music and ‘ridden’ culture, meaning that this pairing makes perfect sense and is right at home in Eastville Park. Expect a lot of energy – they are basically made for festivals and carnivals!

6. My Nu Leng (Sunday)

my nuleng

These guys have played nearly every year of the festival and you only have to see the crowd at their sets to see why. One of the most popular Bristol-based acts that never fail to whip up a frenzy, they are such nice young guys who are going to go very far with their music.

7. DJ Die (Saturday)

dj die

One of our good friends and someone who has been on the Bristol music scene for over 20 years (he released with Roni Size in 1994). He is currently running a label called Gutterfunk, which has moved away from his signature D&B sound to a wider range of genres, but still aimed heavily at the dance floor. Expect nothing but a party from him on the Dance Off stage.

8. Clipz (Sunday)

Clipz has played for us the past couple of festivals under his Redlight moniker, however this is the first time in around 10 years that he has played under his legendary D&B alias from yesteryear. The fact that he is doing it on our brand new immersive stage, ‘The Lost Gardens’, just means that we are even more excited for a good ol’ knees up!

9. Gardna (Sunday)

Part of Bristol’s new wave of Dubwise artists, Gardna MC is currently making a name for himself with his tight lyrics over future dancehall, dubstep and grime. He will be performing at the festival with Kreed after their recent joint EP, which also features Eva Lazarus and Parly B, who are also playing on the Sunday.

10. Woz (Sunday)

It was hard to pick another recommendation from the Who Cares stage because it’s basically full of the best in Bristol bass music, however Woz is definitely a highlight to look out for. He has really interesting and intricate productions, and his DJ sets are always high-energy affairs.

Visit lovesavestheday.org for tickets and info.

Tickets: Saturday £39.50, Sunday £45, Weekend £75 (all prices are exclusive of booking fees)

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