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Over the weekend of Friday 28 Feb - Sunday 1st March 2020, the first ever Bristol Light Festival took place. The light festival featured unique installations of colour from international artists across 6 different locations in Bristol. From lighting up Castle

In our opinion, Bristol is the best city in the world. We love everything about it, the beautiful bridge, the Bristol harbour, the street art. The list is endless! A big thank you to all the video creators who made this

Those in Bristol at the time will remember the Stokes Croft anti-Tesco riots in 2011. For years Stokes Croft had been protesting about the new Tesco being planned, and within a day of it opening it was attacked and the

Yet another amazing time lapse has emerged of Bristol From the fantastic videographer Adrian Cabello this short film of Bristol (in 4k mind) fantastically shows Bristol life across the city. Taking a few years to film, the idea behind the video was to create a 'day in

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