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Bristol Flood of 1968 The Great Flood of 1968 happened after huge amounts of rain and thunderstorms hit the South West in July. Sweeping away roads and bridges, seven people lost their lives and the floods caused untold devastation to property across the

The biggest moments that happened in Bristol between 2010-2019 50. Theresa May gets booed out of Bristol in 2017 https://www.facebook.com/bristolbestof/videos/1665909813425872/ 49. Bristol Whales sculptures arrive in Bristol in 2015 48. Colston Hall decides to drops Colston from its name in 2017 47. The various times

Bristol actors, musicians and porn stars. As a pretty awesome city Bristol has it's fair share of famous Bristolians. We take a look at the most famous people who were born in and around Bristol. 1. Russell Howard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNUw4twpeNk Comedian Russell was born in Bristol. Eventually he

Those in Bristol at the time will remember the Stokes Croft anti-Tesco riots in 2011. For years Stokes Croft had been protesting about the new Tesco being planned, and within a day of it opening it was attacked and the

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