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Sam Gillies: The Alternative Bristol Tourist Information



Sometimes you need a little different Bristol tourist information

New to Bristol or just swinging by for a visit? You might just need a bit of alternative Bristol tourist information. Everyone knows about the great things to do in Bristol, Clifton Suspension Bridge, Balloon Fiesta, St Pauls Carnival etc. But there’s so much more you can see here!

Before you begin, watch this amazing video of Bristol life to get you started:

So massages aren’t what they necessarily seem in Stokes Croft

Stokes Croft Massage Club

Via Flickr

Bristol seagulls are outrageously massive and kebab hungry. Hold your sandwich otherwise you will lose it!

There are tiny little pubs like the Swan with Two Necks where there’s actually Natch on tap

Natch Bristol

Oh yeah, Natch, it’s this cider drink, you really should try it… if you like Frosty Jacks.

Be very careful about having a stag do in Bristol. It might not end well

Clingfilm man bristol

There’s a place in Stokes Croft called ‘Turbo Island’. You’ll normally find something unusual going on there like this:

The brilliance of Turbo Island captured in one photoOr occasionally a free rave

Speaking of Stokes Croft, if you’re planning on moving to Bristol to build another Tesco, you might not want to do it here

stokes croft tesco sign

Via Flickr

You’re probably going to visit the Clifton Suspension Bridge but make sure you go down the shiny rock slide

No night out in Bristol is complete without a visit to the Grecian, it’s actually the law.

The Grecian Bristol

Bristol also has a whole host of unusual but brilliant buskers, like this guy

But most famously Jeff the Big Issue seller. You’ll usually see him singing in Stokes Croft or at the top of Park Street

In between ‘me babber’ & ‘gert lush’ you may find it difficult to understand everyone. Just give Terry the Odd Job Man’s Bristolian language lessons a try

Alternatively you can even learn how to talk Bristolian at a game of Bristol bingo… featuring chicken wings!

No matter how tired you get walking around Bristol, do not sleep in a bath

Man in a bath in Stokes Croft

 If you have to call the police, just make sure it’s for a real issue

Bristol 999 call

Find out more ridiculous 999 calls to Bristol’s police

If you go to any gig in Bristol you will run into Big Jeff. FACT

You’ll also learn that Bristol’s got some pretty interesting news headlines…

funny bristol headline

Skins was filmed here, but more importantly this scene from Only Fools and Horses

Bristol has lots of unusual facts, like being the birth place of Ribena!

Ribena Invented in Bristol

Oh yeah, there’s a pub called Bag of Nails where you can pet cats!

Cats at Bag of Nails

Most of the buses are from First Bus. And they’ve got a very vocal ‘fan base’. In fact there’s 5 different Twitter accounts set up about how much people hate them!

There’s also a bus that runs on human poo

Bristol’s famously a cycling city, sometimes you’ll even see hundreds of naked cyclists

naked bike ride bristol

Find out more Bristol tourist information about the naked bike ride

You may end up in a lovely little place called ‘The Bearpit’

Bearpit Sign

Just watch out for it’s local wildlife

Bear Pit Table Sleep

There’s a mayor with red trousers. He get’s a bit of stick

If you end up in a Gloucester Road cafe you may run into the creatures called ‘Bishopston Mums’

There’s a very well off area called ‘Clifton’, but the Cliftonaires are a strange bunch. Occasionally using tanks to oppose parking changes

You may end up on a strange place called ‘The Triangle’, where students can be seen chundering over their tinder dates outside Mbargos. Venture a bit further and you’ll find the best named place to eat in Bristol

Jason Donervan

Via Flickr

Only 1 thing is certain in Bristol. Walk through Broadmead and you will find the Broadmead preacher

Broadmead Preacher

Like Doctor Who? Well you can even take a shite in a Tardis toilet in Bristol

If you see someone wandering around with a beard, large glasses and a craft beer in their hand they may be one of the common ‘Bristol Hipsters’

Bristol hipster

If you get lost, don’t worry! Bristol’s got some of the best named streets in the world

there and back again lane bristol

Via Flickr

Just remember, there’s also a strict door policy in operation in most Bristol clubs

fleece door policy

Via Imgur

 Hopefully this Bristol tourist information has you convinced and you’re now ready to move to Bristol. For those still wavering, just look at how darn sexy this city is

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Sam Gillies, the founder and editor of Best of Bristol. Purveyor of numerous Bristol posts, lists, stories, videos and Bristol photos. Having spent years in Bath looking enviously at how good Bristol was, I moved to Bristol in 2011 and consider myself a convert to a Bristol obsessive. Most likely found attempting to find interesting street art across Bristol and other cities.



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