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For every raver gearing up for the double-whammy of New Years Eve followed by New Years Day (optional disco nap inbetween is up to you dear readers), nothing is more enticing that Motion’s epic NYD lineup.

It’ll be worth it even if you puke on yourself at least once before getting yourself deodorised and glitterised ahead of the party. We caught up with Dan and Tom from Just Jack who’ve set up their own secret rave WITHIN the rave that you’ll need to seek out so you can have a boogie to their special guest Jeremy Underground (My Love Is Underground). Join the boys in the crapper for your first rave of 2017…

Best adventure you’ve ever had that began in a rave toilet…

Dan: I once got stuck in a toilet, rather worse for wear at a festival. I was wearing an inflatable horse and jockey outfit and turned the motor on to inflate it whilst in a portoloo. The combination of the state I was in combined with the loo now being filled with my inflatable outfit set the standard for the day ahead. It was a festival called Bloom Festival so we called it Doom Festival due to the weather. When I did emerge from the loo I found my tent had blown away!

You’ve not got a book on the go, and you know you’re gonna be in the toilet a while… what LP do you stick on for crucial entertainment instead?

Tom: Probably the audio book of Winnie The Pooh and Christopher Robin in The House at Pooh Corner. It’s an old fave. On vinyl of course, cause it sounds better. I had the 128kps vinyl-rip for a while but it sounded pretty shitty.

If Just Jack were to open your own club in a converted public toilet where would it be and how would you decorate it?

Tom: I always did like Public Life in Shoreditch, that place was pretty cool while it was around. I guess if I had to open one of my own I would put it in between Block 9 and Shangri-La at Glastonbury festival, with a secret entrance which is a bit like that scene in Trainspotting where he has to dive right into the bowl. That way you’d only have the really committed in there ready to throw it down. I’d decorate it like the toilet in George Michael’s video for Outside.

Talk us through your average New Years Day and how it will compare to your expectations for 2017’s…

Dan: I’ve always been a NYE kind of guy. I’m a bit slow to catch on. So I suppose my normal NYD would be either sat with a sick bucket and my cats, or still going for it with my mates, putting off the inevitable (sick bucket and cats). This time it’s a chilled NYE ready to hit the ground running NYD.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever seen happen in a rave toilet?

Dan: Man in a urinal wearing a snorkel. I’m sure you can guess where that was. Hint it’s in Berlin.

Why did you choose to book Jeremy Underground for your loo rave?

Tom: “Cause he’s the shit” is the obvious answer here I guess right? But puns aside he’s one of the best selectors around, with such a diverse and warm collection of music he’s going to perfect for an intimate little knees up on NYD – making it a pretty obvious choice. We’re hoping to offer something a little different to the big rave going on at the rest of the venue, so Jeremy fits the brief perfectly.

As International DJs, you must have travelled to some spectacular and far-flung places. Where is the most opulent toilet you’ve ever used?

Tom: We’re actually fairly un-international compared to the typical jet setting DJ type, so the best toilet I’ve ever been to wasn’t found on travels for a gig. It also wasn’t very opulent! There’s a pub on Lundy Island and it has an outdoor toilet facing the sea, its really pretty special.

A club has arranged for you to create a toilet playlist… what genre do you go for? Banging toilet bangers or chill-out bliss?

Dan: A decent audio book. Biggles Flies East is a classic.

Love the poster you’ve done for the event. Can you tell us a toilet themed story (with a narrative) using only emojis?

just jack toilet

Dan: I’m sorry but I still haven’t worked out how to do emojis. Like where do they come from? Do you need a special keyboard? I’m an old school analogue man. Really showing my age here…

Join Tom, Dan and Jeremy Underground in the Secret Just Jack Toilet Rave on New Years Day at Motion.

Professional party girl Rachael Williams wears many different nightlife hats. Door girl, DJ, promoter, music journalist, propper-up-of-bars and fountain of DJ knowledge and gossip. She’s written for Resident Advisor, Ibiza Voice, Pulse Radio and ran legendary London gay bar Dalston Superstore’s online magazine for over three years.

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