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Crowdfunder Launched To Save Prince Of Wales



prince of wales

Prince of Wales

One of Gloucester Road‘s favourite pubs, the Prince of Wales is at risk of shutting down.

Anna, the landlord of Prince of Wales has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help save the Prince of Wales as ‘Enterprise Inns threaten to take the keys from me and turn our pub into a generic chain’.

‘This independent ethos encapsualted by The Prince of Wales would be at great risk if Enterprise Inns were to introduce their own managed house in place of our beloved local. Enterprise Inns want to forcibly remove me as a tenant from The Prince of Wales and turn it into a managed house run by the Bermondsey pub company. They aim to run a chain of 200 pubs by 2020, replacing individual characterful community pubs with generic chain branding.

Anna is seeking to be the first landlord in legal history to take on Enterprise Inns. Court proceedings have been issued to gain a new lease and because of this, £7000 in legal fees have been accrued so far.

Legal proceedings are estimated to each up to £40,000 so they have reached out to Bristol to seek to raise £33,000 to fund their legal battle.

To donate check out the Prince of Wales crowdfunder here.

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