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Independent business updates and how you can help support

Last updated at 9pm on March 21, 2020

We have now launched IndieMap to help support Bristol independent businesses that are delivering in Bristol. This will be the main resource moving forward for Covid-19 business updates in Bristol.

It’s a really sad time at the moment. Our thoughts go out to those who have sadly passed away from Covid-19, and those they have left behind.

Our thoughts are also with the businesses affected so severely by the pandemic. It’s a really distressing time for hospitality, events and many other Bristol industries. We really don’t know what else to say.

These are trying times and we wish everyone around the UK and across the world, good health and financial security.

There are other ways that you can continue to support Bristol businesses.

You can use a delivery service such as Deliveroo or Uber Eats if you’re within radius.

You can also buy a gift card that you can use later. To facilitate this Wriggle have launched the brilliant ‘indie kittie’ scheme.

We always try our best to help independent businesses and venues get the custom they desperately need, and we will not stop.

Below is everything we currently know about independent businesses in Bristol and how you can continue to support them. It will be updated with information as we receive it.

Restaurants & Street food

🧀 Alp Mac: Launching mac n cheese delivery service Saturday 21st | BS1

🍔 Asado: Takeaway only. Wriggle voucher available | BS1

🦉 The Athenian: Takeaway available. Deliveroo 25% off | BS1

💗 Beets n Roots: Still open | BS6

🍕 Berthas: Takeaway only. Available on Deliveroo | BS1

🥘 Bravas: Closed. Gift vouchers available | BS6

⚓️ Broken Dock: TBC | BS1

🇮🇳 Brunel Raj: Takeaway only | BS8

🐓 Bokman: Closed for now but opening for takeaway from Friday | BS1

🍕 Bosco: Open as usual. Takeaway available | BS8

🎁 Box-E: Shut for foreseeable future | Wapping Wharf, BS1

🍔 Burger Joint: Closed | BS3 & BS8

🍔 Burger Theory: Closed but available for collection and on Deliveroo | BS1

🍖 Bulrush: TBC. Vouchers available | BS6

🥘 Casamia: Produce parcels available | BS1

🌮 Casa Mexicana: Open as usual. Takeaway and delivery available | BS6

🍛 The Cauldron: Still open. Offering pre-cooked ready meals, bread, loo rolls, rice, beer etc to takeaway. Gofundme to support | BS2

🍽 Chomp: Closed

🌭 Clifton Sausage: Offering takeaways at 25% off | BS8

🥘 The Clove: Takeaway only. Offering collections at 50% off | BS3

🥟 Eatchu: Closed. Now offering a personal gyzoa delivery service to your doorstep on Weds / Sat for £2.50 per order or FREE over £40. Can also arrange FREE collection from BS6. | BS1

🥙 Eat a Pitta: Closed | BS1 & BS7

🌱 Eat Your Greens: Takeaway only. Wriggle voucher available | BS4

🍛 El Rincon: Closed | BS3

👑 Falafel King: Takeaway only. Contactless only. Available on Deliveroo | BS6

💐 Flow: Closed | BS1

🍕 Flour & Ash: Available for takeaway on 01179083228. On Deliveroo. Wine & beer available at a reduced price | BS6

🧀 For Mice and Men: Takeaway Fridays and Saturday from 4pm. Local delivery from next week. 50% off fried cheese for NHS workers & anyone struggling | BS3

🍣 Fujiyama: Closed until May 1st

🥘 Gambas: Closed

🍕 G Brothers: Closed. Wriggle voucher available | BS5

🍕 The Grecian: Takeaway available | BS6

🍛 Gopals Curry Shack: Takeaway only. On Deliveroo. Wriggle voucher available | Wapping Warf, BS1

🍔 Hubbox: Takeaway only. On Deliveroo. Gift vouchers available online | BS8

🇯🇲 Jamica Street Stores: Mothers day roasts to be delivered free in 3 miles radius – £15 | BS1

🍜 Kates Kitchen: Delivery for people in self isolation | BS3

🥙 Koocha: Takeaway only. Available on Deliveroo | BS6

🍗 Miss Millies: Delivery & takeaway available | BS7 & BS8

🍷 Marmo: Closed for foreseeable future

🌮 Masa & Mezcal: Closed for forseeable future

🇪🇸 Muino: Takeaway only | BS6

🍕 Napolita: Takeaway only | BS2

🍣 Noa Sushi: Closed. Delivery from website

🌰 Nutmeg: Closed | BS8

🐂 The Ox: Closed | Wriggle voucher available | BS1

🍔 Ooowee Diner: Takeaway. Available on Deliveroo | BS3 & BS6

🌮 Paco Tapas: TBC | BS1

🍝 Pasta Loco & Pasta Ripenia: All sites shut. Special menu launched for collection across their 4 sites. You can call to order and pay and collect at specified times | BS6 & BS1

🍺 Pasture: Closed | BS1

🥙 Pata Negra: TBC. Free meals for NHS staff. Wriggle voucher available | BS1

🥩 The Pickled Brisket: Closed | Wapping Warf, BS1

🥧 Pieminister: Takeaway available Available on Deliveroo & Uber Eats | BS1

🐷 Pigsty: Closed | Wapping Warf, BS1

🌴 Pipal Tree: Takeaway availablel | BS5

🍕 Pizzarova: Takeaway available. Available on Deliveroo | BS1 & BS7

🍗 Pony & Trap: Takeaway available. Launched ‘The Pony & Trap Bakery’, a selection of set meals available for delivery and collection. Delivery is free over £12 orders | BS40

🌮 Quay Street Diner: Closed. Wriggle voucher available | BS1

🌴 Root: Closed. Vouchers available | Wapping Warf, BS1

🧂 Salt and Malt: Takeaway available | Wapping Warf, BS1

🍣 Seven Lucky Gods: Closed | Wapping Warf, BS1

🥘 Severnshed: Closed | BS1

🌮 Shake Wrap and Roll: Takeaway available, call 01179147985. Available on Deliveroo | BS6

🍷 Snobby’s Wine Bar: Closed | Go Fund Me available | BS6

🍔 Snuffys: Takeaway available | BS16

🥘 Soukitchen: Closed. ‘Souk it to you’ pick up and delivery options on there way | BS3 & BS8

🍝 Spaghetti Incident: TBC. Wriggle voucher available | BS1

🦞 The Spiny Lobster: TBC | BS8

🍔 Squeezed: Closed. Wriggle voucher available | Wapping Wharf, BS1

🥘 Suncraft: Takeaway available. Available on Deliveroo | BS7

🥙 Taka Taka: Takeaway availablel. Available on Deliveroo | BS1

🥘 Thali: Takeaway & delivery available | BS5 & BS6

🍖 Totterdown Canteen: Takeaway available. Available on Deliveroo & Uber Eats | BS4

🥘 Tuck Tuck: Closed. Wriggle voucher available | BS1

🍛 Urban Tandoor: Takeaway available. Currently offering with meals to those with Covid-19 | BS1

🍣 We Are Tsukemono: Pop up that’s open for takeaway ad free delivery to Cotham, Redland, Clifton, St. Pauls & Montpelier | BS6

🍝 Wilks: Closed | BS6

🌿 Wilsons: Restaurant has closed but currently cooking food and giving away free to NHS workers and to those in need | BS6

🥘 Wokyo Ko: Closed. Available on Deliveroo | BS1

💚 VX Bristol: Takeaway available. Available on Deliveroo & Uber Eats | BS3

🥘 Yakinori: Takeaway available. Available on Deliveroo | Park Street, BS1

❣️ Yurt Lush: Closed | BS1


🐦 Albatross Cafe: Closed | BS3

👚 At The Well: Open for laundry, printing & takeaway only | BS6

☕️ Bakers & Co: Closed until further notice | BS7

💇‍♂️ 67 Barista Barber: One barber available and takeout coffee only | BS21

🍞 The Bristolian: TBC | BS6

☕️ Boston Tea Party: Closed | BS1, BS7, BS8

☕️ Cafe Kino: Closed. Wriggle voucher available | BS1

🍳 The Crafty Egg: Closed | BS1

☕️ Coffee + Beer: Takeaway only. Contactless only | BS6

☕️ Coffee Nation: Closed | BS3

🥤 CUPP: Takeaway only | Available on Deliveroo | BS1

🍉 Dela: Closed | BS5

☕️ Emmeline: Takeaway only, free coffee for NHS staff | BS6

💃 Este Kitchen: Takeaway only | BS5

🧀 Fed 303: Takeaway only. Looking into delivery option | BS7

🌿 Flip: Takeaway only . Wriggle voucher available | BS3

☕️ Friska: Takeaway only. Available on Deliveroo | BS1

☕️ Full Court Press: Takeaway only | BS1

✌️ Little Victories: Takeaway only | BS1

🍀 Mary Janes Coffee: Closed indefinitely

🐝 Nectar House: Takeaway only | BS7

🌿 The Nordic Cafe: Closed for at least two weeks | BS3

🧸 Playground Coffee and Bar: Takeaway only | BS1

☕️ Spicer & Cole: Takeaway only | BS1, BS7, BS8

☕️ Small St Espresso: Takeaway only l | BS1

☕️ Sweven: Takeaway only | BS3

🧁 Tincan: Takeaway only | BS7

🐷 Windmill Hill City Farm: Takeaway only | BS3

😸 You & Meow: Closed | BS1

Bakeries & sweet places

🧁 Ahh Toots: Takeaway only. Currently offering DIY Isolation packs | BS1

🍫 Bar Chocolat: Takeaway only l | BS8

👩‍🍳 East Bristol Bakery: Takeaway only, you can preorder bread for collection on 01173363164 | BS5

👨‍🍳 Farro Bakery: Takeaway only l | BS2

❤️ Harts Bakery: Takeaway only, you can preorder for collection on 01179924488 | BS1

🥯 Hobbs House Bakery: Takeaway only | BS7

🥖Joe’s Bakery: Takeaway only | BS7

🍫 Mrs Potts Chocolate House: Closed | BS1

🍧 Oliver’s Ice Cream: Takeaway only | Wapping Warf, BS1

🥔 Popti & Beast: Takeaway only . Contactless only. Free delivery & pre order collection – 01179556688 | BS4

🍨 Swoon: Takeaway only . Contactless only | BS1

💓 Pinkmans: Takeaway only. Available on Deliveroo | BS1

Bristol bars

⚓︎ The Anchor: Closed | BS7

🍎 The Apple: Closed | BS1

😸 Bag of Nails: Closed | BS1

🏓 Bambalan: Closed. Wriggle voucher available | BS1

🏧 The Bank Tavern: Closed | BS1

🍺 Beer Emporium: Closed. Offering beer with 10% discount and free delivery | BS1

🍻 Beerd: Closed. Wriggle voucher available | BS6

🔔 The Bell: Closed | BS2

◾️ Black Rock: Closed | BS1

🐳 Blue Lagoon: Closed | BS6

🍺 Bristol Beer Factory: Takeaway only. Currently offering a Bristol based delivery service for mini tin, 36 pint BIB and cases for those whom will be staying put here, use code HOME10 for 10% off | BS3

🍹 Bristol Dry Gin: : Takeaway only | BS1

🥃 Bristol & Bath Rum Distillery: Closed | BS1

🍸 Bristol Spirit: All events postponed or refunded. Still serving alcohol to take away and offer a click and collect service

🥾 The Bootlegger: Closed | BS6

🍫 The Cadbury: Closed | BS6

🎷 The Canteen: Closed. Wriggle voucher available | BS1

😸 The Cat and Wheel: Closed| BS6

🇯🇲 Caribbean Croft: Closed| BS1

🎲 Chance & Counters: Closed | BS1

🍺 Cider Press: Closed | BS7

🌹 Clockwork Rose: Closedl | Wriggle voucher available | BS1

🍺 Croft Ales: FREE Home Delivery & Take-Away services within 3 miles of central Bristol more details here Minimum order £10 | BS2

🍺 The Cornubia: Closed | BS1

🚰 The Coronation Tap: Closed | BS8

🤴 Duke of York: Closed | BS2

🍷 Kask: Currently offering wine deliveries in Bristol (free if you’re in Bedminster) | BS3

🛎 Kinkajoubar: Closed | BS8

🐓 The Farm: Closed | BS2

🍺 Fierce & Noble: Closed | BS2

🌸 The Florist: Closed| BS1

🕐 Filthy Thirteen: Closed | BS6

🍺 Full Moon: : Closed| BS1

🎷 The Gallimaufry: Closed | Wriggle voucher available | BS7

🛥 Grain Barge: Closed | BS1

💚 The Green Man: Closed | BS6

🦁 Golden Lion: Closed | BS7

📐 The Good Measure: Closed | BS6

🍹 The Grace: Closed | BS7

The Hatchett: Closed | BS1

🐰 The Hare on the Hill: Takeaway beer, wine and cider only. 10% off for two pints and 15% off 4 pints and over. Gift card scheme coming soon | BS2

🐔 Hen and Chicken: Closed for shows. Open for Deliveroo | BS3

🎩 Her Majesty’s Secret Service: Closed| BS8

🍗 The Hillgrove: Closed | BS2

🍺 Hobgoblin: Closed | BS7

🍸 Hyde & Co: Closed | BS1

🍻 The Incredible Brewing Company: Delivery up to 5 miles from brewery | BS4

🍺 The Inn on The Green: Closed | BS7

👑 Kingsdown Vaults: Closed | BS2

🕹 Kongs of Kings Street: Closed | BS1

🎳 The Lanes: Closed | BS1

🐕 Lazy Dog: Closed but doing takeout for beers with 50% off food preordered | BS7

👈 LeftBank: Closed | BS6

🍺 Left Handed Giant: Takeaway only. If you live in a 3 mile radius, they’ll drop beer to your door for free! Shop here and use this code for a 25% discount: BETTERBYBIKE. Min order 4 can | BS1

🦁 The Lion: Closed | BS8

☕️ Lost & Found: Takeaway only | BS8

☄️ Loose Cannon: Closed |BS1

🔑 The Lock Up: Closed | BS5

🥓 The Masonic: Closed | BS3

🥛 Milk Thistle: Closed | BS1

🍺 Moor Beer: Takeaway only. Delivery over £25 | BS2

👨‍👩‍👦 Mother’s Ruin: Closed | BS1

⚓️ Mud Dock: Closed | BS1

🚢 No. 1 Harbourside: Closed. Wriggle voucher available | BS1

🍕 51 Stokes Croft: Takeaway & delivery avaialble. Wriggle voucher avaialble | BS1

👑 Old Duke: Closed | BS1

👴 Old Market Assembly: Takeaway available. Deliveroo available. Wriggle voucher available | BS2

🍺 Old Market Tavern: Closed | BS2

🌳 The Orchard Inn: Closed | BS1

🍻 The Ostrich Inn: : Closed | BS1

🥿 Pipe and Slippers: Closed. Smoke & Glaze and Tucha’s Kitchen available on Deliveroo | BS6

🤴 Prince Street Social: Closed | BS1

🤪 Psychopomp: No longer serving drinks. Limited hours Wens – Fri 12pm to 6pm. Currently offering free delivery on all orders with code stayingin | bs6

💪 Pump House: : Closed | BS1

👑 Queenshilling: Closed| BS1

🔴 Red Light: Closed | BS1

🃏 Replay Bristol: Closed. Wriggle voucher available | BS6

🇨🇺 Revolucion de Cuba: Closed| BS1

☀️ Rising Sun: Closed | BS3

🚶‍♂️ The Rope Walk: Closed. Next weekend (Sunday 29th March), they will be delivering Sunday Roasts to your door | BS3

👑 Royal Oak: Closed | BS7

👨‍✈️ Royal Navy Volunteer: Closed| BS1

🥃 The Rummer: Closed | BS1

🎭 The Shakespeare: Closed | BS6

🦌 Stag and Hounds: Closed | BS2

🚂 Steam Bar: Closed. Wriggle voucher available | BS8

🐄 The Spotted Cow: Closedl | BS3

🍓Straweberry Thief: Closed | BS1

🚰 Tapestry Brewery: Takeaway only. Home delivery of pizza and beer available. Wriggle voucher available | BS2

🐺 Mr Wolfs: Closed | BS1

🍹 Weber and Trings: Takeaway only Delivery of one70cl bottle of gin, x6 tonic and x3 different citrus fruits from £36 | BS1

🌳 The Woods: Closed | BS1

🦌 Wild Beer at Wapping Wharf: Closed. Offering local delivery & takeaway | Wapping Warf, BS1

🍺 Wiper and True: Tap room is becoming a kiosk serving takeaway cans only. All brewery tours suspended until 2nd May | BS2


🦛 Bristol Hippodrome: Closed until further notice. Vouchers available

🎭 Bristol Old Vic: Closed until April. Vouchers available

🏭 Tobacco Factory: Closed until further notice. Vouchers available

🎭 The Wardrobe Theatre: Closed until further notice. Vouchers available

🎶 Redgrave Theatre: Closed until further notice


🛍 Chappel and Jenkins: Open as normal and supplying Bristol businesses

🚖 Uber Eats: Offering deliver for free for next 30 days and no minimum term contract for businesses

Bristol’s independent shops

🌿 A Better Weigh: Open and deliveries for free in Clevedon if you call 01275 560927 | BS21

🍷 Averys Wine Merchants: Open as usual. Deliveries online and if you call 01179214146 | BS1

🐆 Beware of the Leopard: Closed

🔥 Blase Studio: Open as usual | BS1

🛒 Bristol Cider Shop: Open as usual | BS1

🧀 Bristol Cheeemonger: Open as usual, and looking into a delivery service | Wapping Warf, BS1

🥌 Bloom and Curll: Open as usual | BS1

📕 Bottle and Books: Takeaway available or delivery 2 miles of radius (£3.99). | BS6

📖Books On The Hill: Open as usual. Delivery available | BS21

🍷 Clifton Cellars: Open as usual and offering free delivery | BS8

🍾 Corks of Cotham: Open as usual | BS6

🎨 CoLab: Open as usual | BS7

🛍 Eclectic Gift Shop: Open from 10am to 5pm. Also offering delivery | BS15

🔖 Excelsior! Bristol: Open as usual | BS1

☘️ Fancy Plants: Open as usual | BS6

🧥 Fox + Feather: Open as usual | BS7

💍 Fig: Open as usual | BS7

🖼Fizz Gallery: Free delivery on any items purchased over the phone 01275341142 | BS21

😃 Friendly Records: Closed. Letterpress vouchers avaliable online

🧀 Good Sixty: Get food delivered from independent retailers and artisan producers around Bristol

🎷 Headwind: Open as usual | BS6

📘 Hydra Books: Open as usual

🙌 Idle Hands Records: Appointment only | BS2

👩‍🎨 Independent Design Collective: Open as usual | BS3

🍫Indulgence Chocolates: Free local doorstep delivery for those isolating in Clevedon. £2 within a 5 mile message – call 01275 878978 | BS21

🐰 The Little Shop: Open as usual | BS6

🚨 Loot Vintage: Open as usual | BS1

💐 The Mighty Quinns Flower Emporium: Open as usual | Wapping Wharf, BS1

🧀 Murrays of Clevedon: Open as usual. Offering delivery within Clevedon 01275341222 | BS21

🌿 Old Market Plants: Open as usual | BS2

🧀 Papadeli Deli: Open as usual and delivery available | BS8

Plastic Wax Records: Open as usual | BS6

🌳 Preserve: Open as usual | BS7

☕️ Present Company: Open as usual. Delivery available | BS21

🤪 RePsycho: Open as usual | BS7

👢 Rhurbarb Jumble: Open as usual | BS3

🎨 Room 212: Open as usual | BS7

💽 Rough Trade: Open but gigs look to be suspended | BS1

🎲 Rules of Play: Open as usual. Free delivery available | BS1

📝 Sakers Stationary: Open as usual. Delivery available | BS21

💚 Simply Green: Open as usual | BS48

🥬 Scoopaway: Open as usual | BS7

👕 Sobey: Open as usual | BS1

💇‍♂️ South Central Barbers: Open as usual. Offering free haircuts to NHS staff | BS1

🍷 Sow and Arrow: Open as usual | Delivery in Clevedon starting | BS21

💎 Store For The Curious: Open as usual. Delivery available | BS21

📖 Story Smith: Open as usual | BS3

💃 That Thing: Open as usual | BS1

☕️ TrueStart Coffee: Bristol coffee business, free shipping available on orders

🧀 Two Belly: Open for takeaway. Now offering home delivery from BS1 to BS10 | BS8

🦊 Urban Fox: Open as usual | BS1

🇺🇸 Uncle Sam’s: Open as usual | BS1

🌱 Wild Leaf: Open as usual | BS7

🌱 Zero Green: Open as usual | BS3

🗑 Zero Waste Pantry: Open as usual | BS4

🖼 Upfest Gallery: Open as usual | BS3

🍷 Xisto Wines: Open and doing doorstep delivery

💎 Ziggy: Open as usual. Delivery available | BS21

🎞 20st Century Flicks: Open but with a doorstep service only. Subscription by post available | BS1

👾 8Bit Planet: Open as usual | BS1

Museums, exhibitions and attractions

✈️ Aerospace Bristol: Closed

🤸‍♀️ AirHop: Closed

🖼 Arnolfini: Closed

🏡 Blaise Castle House Museum and Estate: Closed

🐟 Bristol Aquarium: Closed

📖 Bristol Libaries: Closed

🦍 Bristol Museum: Closed

🐒 Bristol Zoo: Closed

🗼Cabot Tower: Open as usual

🖌 Centrespace: Closed

🎩 Clifton Observatory: Open as usual

🧐 M Shed: Closed

🏠 Red Lodge Museum: Closed

🎨 Royal West of England Academy (RWA): Closed

🎨 Spike Island: Closed

🔭 We The Curious: Closed

🐻 Wild Place Project: Closed

🕋 Wills Memorial Building: Closed

Bristol Travel

🚤 Bristol Ferry: Closed

🚎 Bristol Buses: Currently running Sunday services

Bristol cathedrals and churches

💒 Bristol Cathedral: Online services

⛪️ Clifton Cathedral: Open as usual

😇 St. John’s Church: Open as usual

✝️ St. James Priory: Open as usual

👼 St Marys Redcliffe: Open as usual

Bristol’s cinemas

🔲 The Cube: Closed

🛋 Everyman: Closed. Vouchers available

📽 Showcase: Closed

🎞 Watershed: Closed. Vouchers available

Music Venues

👽 Area 404: Closed

🦢 The Black Swan: Closed

👛 Exchange: Closed

👨‍🎤 The Fleece: Closed

🐸 Lakota: Closed

🎸Marble Factory: Closed

🛹 Motion: Closed

🕺Thekla: Closed

🚨 The Island: Closed

🎤 O2 Arena: Closed

Bristol sports

⚽️ Bristol City FC: Postponed for forseeable future

⚽️ Bristol Rovers FC: Postponed for forseeable future

🏉 Bristol Bears: Postponed for forseeable future

🏏 Bristol County Ground: Postponed for forseeable future

⛹️‍♂️ Bristol Flyers: Postponed for forseeable future

This list will be continued to be updated as we get new information.

If you are a business you can let us know what your plans are and how Bristol can still support you the following ways:

Please tag us in your posts and stories and we’ll share what we can to let Bristol’s citizens know how they can help local businesses.

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