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21 Bristol Food Blogs You Need To Read



Foodies helping Bristolians eat.

There are some amazing Bristol food bloggers who spend their entire lives eat the best places to eat in Bristol so you don’t even have to. Here’s 21 Bristol food blogs you definitely need to check out.

1. A Life Less Organised

One of Bristol’s best known foodies, Shonette has an abundance of reviews which combine not just Bristol’s delectable paradises but also boozie pub crawls. Look out for her monthly food and drink round ups.

2. Bristol Bites

The queen of Bristol food bloggers is probably Emily Knight. Some even say Bristol Bites are ‘the definitive guide’ to food and drink in Bristol (hint, that’s their headline). You’ll find a lot of reviews of different places here, and also a whole lot of directories of almost anywhere that does food.

3. Foozie

One of the head honchos of Bristol’s food bloggers is Bristolian Thom Whitchurch. Foozie combines the various foodie and boozy (hence Foozie) events to provide Bristol with an awesome place to find something delicious and or drinky to do. Oh and they also run a multitude to really cool Bristol events

4. Wriggle

Bristol’s best food and drink app have recently started producing a host of fantastic guides for Bristol’s brilliant food scene, covering everything from mac and cheese to pale ale spots.

5. Bristol Foodie 

Another big beast this one. Founded back in 2010 over a bottle of Pinot by Becci and Gemma. Incredibly comprehensive, covering anything from best baby friendly places in Bristol to reviews of macaroons.

6. On The Plate

Not as active as they used to be but still a great resource for recipes and foodie highlights from around Bristol.

7. Bristol Eating Adventures

Run by Abby since 2012, Bristol Eating Adventures‘ reviews are very in-depth, pouring over the recipes of Bristol’s establishments. Brucie bonus: one of their favourite bands is Duran Duran.

8. Simple Lampoon 

“You were lampooning me….it was a simple lampoon”. Not strictly just a food blog, this probably has the best name of any Bristol blog full stop. It’s run by the brilliant Dan Izzard who uses ruddy good pun heavy reviews here, a case in point being his ‘ploughmania’ review.

9. Stuffed265

One of Bristol’s most prolific food tweeters, @NatalieBrereton knows a thing or to about food. Check out her mouth watering review of Bristol’s tasty burger scene for a taste.

10. It’s Just Nice

Juggling everything nice about Bristol (it’s a big list obviously). Reviews are superb and even give you sexy recipes, like peanut butter chocolate chip jam muffins for goodness sake!

11. Bedsit Bonne Vivante 

‘Skint foodie, ex bedsit dweller, lady on a budget’. Charlie is responsible for a variety of brilliant food reviews for different Bristol publications. As well as Bristol’s best food places she also covers off some tasty homemade recipes.

12. Girl in Bristol

Definitely not a bloke in Blackpool. She does great reviews of food in Bristol with an extra bonus: sexy pictures of food that’s the definition of food porn.

13. Lily Doughball 

Not just strictly a food blog, Lily covers off a raft of different subjects. Yet when she puts her pen to food she is one of the best in town. A case in point: Bristol Best Bits Eatchu 

14. Eat Walk Talk Bristol

Creators of an awesome Bristol food tour you’ll also find a host of great guides within the realms of their blog.

15. Avon Gorged

Not exactly prolific but Avon Gorged offers restaurant reviews, info about local producers and lots on beer.

16. CJ Callaghan

Awesome writer about things going on Bristol. Certainly knows a thing or two about Bristol’s food scene as well.

17. Crumbs Mag

You’ll find the award winning magazine sitting in Bristol cafes and restaurants. The website has a raft of reviews of Bristol’s latest places.

18. GingeyBites

19. Vegan Bristol

They review everything in Bristol that is Vegan related with over 300+ vegan, vegetarian, vegan friendly places listed. If you don’t eat cheese this is the place for you.

20. Bristol247

A fantastic resource for new openings, reviews and everything that’s great about Bristol’s food scene.

21. Great Food Club

Great Food Club celebrates the best food and drink independents and guides you to them. The website has plenty to read with all the food porn you can lay your eyes on.

Did we miss any of your favourites out? Then please shout at us and tell us who and why they should be included.

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Sam Gillies, the founder and editor of Best of Bristol. Purveyor of numerous Bristol posts, lists, stories, videos and Bristol photos. Sam Gillies spent years in Bath looking enviously at how good Bristol was, before moving to Bristol in 2011 and converting to a Bristol obsessive. Most likely found attempting to find interesting street art across Bristol and other cities.



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