haunted places in Bristol

The 7 most haunted places in Bristol

Have you ever felt like there are eerie happenings across Bristol? We’ve put our Derek Acorah hat on and delved into the ghostly goings on in Bristol to find some of the most haunted places in Bristol.

1. Arnos Manor Hotel

arnos manor hotel

Up on Bristol’s Bath Road, the Arnos Manor Hotel was built way back in 1760 as the home of well to do William Reeve. Back in the 1960s this was one of the hottest spots in Bristol, you’d even see Tom Jones performing at the weekly cabaret nights. But legend persists of a pregnant Victorian nun who committed suicide and has been haunting this place ever since.

2. Arnos Vale Cemetery

Arnos Vale Cemetery

Legend has it that there are 2 women that haunt this beautiful cemetery. Both have been ‘reported’ crying, with one lady in black always in tears over her husband who died in WW1.

3. SS Great Britain

Brunel’s wonder ship featured on a ridiculous episode of Most Haunted with a full paranormal investigation of the SS Great Britain. According to Derek Acorah ‘there’s one spirit in particular who walks the entire ship and has a great desire to seek the truth‘. Captain John Gray.

4. Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clifton Suspension Bridge Walk

Isambard Kingdom Brunel supposedly haunts our most famous landmark. Or could that just be the bloke who dresses up like him on the Brunel walking tour?

5. The Dower House

dower house bristol

Otherwise known as the ‘big yellow house’. Overlooking the M32 up on Stoke Park, this place is said to be haunted by the Duchess of Beaufort – Elizabeth Somerset. Way back in 1760 when she was just 17 years old, she died after being thrown from her horse. Ever since, legend has it she’s been riding around across the ground on a ghostly horse.

6. All Saints Church

all saints church in clifton

Way back in 1840 local newspapers were reporting the haunting of the house joined to the All Saints Church. Apparently a mysterious black monk comes to watch over treasure he buried somewhere on the grounds.

7. Odeon Cinema

Back in 1947, whilst in his office the Odeon’s manager was horribly murdered. The perpetrator was never caught and his case was closed unsolved after 30 years. This place has seen strange goings on ever since, with the Reverend Lionel Fanthrope visiting the Odeon to conduct an exorcism in the 1990s.

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