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50 Things To Do In Stokes Croft



things to do in Stokes Croft

There’s lots of things to do in Stokes Croft

One of Bristol’s most infamous areas – Stokes Croft get’s a lot bad press theses days. But it’s not all Tesco riots and gentrification. There’s amazing bars, tasty food, great shops and a load of quirky local characters. Here’s 50 things to do in Stokes Croft.

1. Marvel at the Stokes Croft skull on Westmoreland House created by Cyclops

stokes croft skull

2. Admire the Carriage Works before it becomes flats

community sign

3. Eat lunch at The Social

4. Eat an awesome egg based brunch at Craft Egg

5. Try some tasty Jamaican food at Rice & Things

rice and tings

6. Have a Stokes Croft street bath

Man in a bath in Stokes Croft

7. Pop into the ‘Little Shop’ and see some art

the little shop

8. Get some vintage clothes from the ‘Pop Up Shop

stokes croft pop up shop

9. Eat some scrumptious pies at Pieminister

10. Buy some Bristol Pounds from the Bristol Credit Union

11. Eat an epic wrap from Biblos

12. Buy some records at Idle Hands

13. Have a night out at Blue Mountain

blue mountain

They’ve got pretty amazing grafitti

14. Have another night out at the legendary Lakota


15. Stop for a swift pint at The Bell

16. Eat some tasty tapas at Poco

17. Sample all the craft beer at Crofter’s Rights

18. Then pop next door to Ray’s Pizza

19. Eat a vegan breakfast at Tree House Cafe

20. Have a quick rave on Turbo Island

21. Pop in for a ‘massage’ at the Massage Club

Stokes Croft Massage Club

Via Flickr

22. Or this one… such choice!

city centre sauna

23. See some of the iconic Stokes Croft graffiti

stokes croft bob marley

24. Eat at Kale and Kettle the vegetarian cafe

25. Pick up some cheap furniture at Happytat


26. Drink some loose wine and have a lasagne at Zitto & Bevi

zitto & bevi

27. Pick up some beer on the way back from a night out at ‘The Best’

the best

28. Eat and drink vegan things at Cafe Kino

29. Drink coffee and watch a film at the Arts House Cafe

30. Squeeze in some tasty cakes at Patisserie Leila

patissere leila

31. Become a true Bristolian after eating some Slix chicken


32. Have a dance to some house and disco at the Love Inn

love inn

33. Pick up some bread and pastries at Love Bristol Bakery

love bristol bakery

34. Look at some art at ‘It’s all 2 Much

its all 2 much

35. Buy a piano from Mickleburgh Musical Instruments


36. Get a new hair cut from Shambarber


37. Have a look in the charity shop – Treasure

treasures stokes croft

38. Walk along Jamaica Street and look at this street art

stokes croft street art

39. Then check how many shoes are hanging from this wire..

shoes on the wire

40. Buy a Stokes Croft mug from Stokes Croft China

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I bloody love you Stokes Croft ❤

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41. Eat, drink and dance at the Canteen

42. Also pop upstairs into Hamilton House for Art, Music, Therapies, Events and Workshops

43. Have a pizza and a dance at No. 51

no 51

44. Drink a swift pint in one of Bristol’s best beer gardens at the Full Moon

full moon

Make sure you check out the toilet graffiti..

full moon toilet grafitti

45. Buy a big issue from the famous Jeff

46. Boycott Tesco. Obviously

stokes croft tesco sign

Via Flickr

46. Wave at a Google Street View car

stokes croft google street view

47. Finish the night off at the beating heart of Stokes Croft… Rita’s Take Away

rita's takeaway

48. Watch a film at The Cube

49. Check out the infamous former squat Telepathic Heights

50. See this incredible street art

You see, there’s loads of things to do in Stokes Croft! If you fancy walking a bit further than check out 74 things to do on Gloucester Road.

Sam Gillies, the founder and editor of Best of Bristol. Purveyor of numerous Bristol posts, lists, stories, videos and Bristol photos. Sam Gillies spent years in Bath looking enviously at how good Bristol was, before moving to Bristol in 2011 and converting to a Bristol obsessive. Most likely found attempting to find interesting street art across Bristol and other cities.