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10 Stunning Bristol Instagram Photos



Best of Bristol on Instagram

Have you heard of IGers Bristol? They’re one of the best Bristol instagram accounts out there. Selecting the best Bristol instagram photos each day. We caught up with the amazing people behind the account, Jess and Jon to find their all time favourite 10 favourite Bristol instagram photos.

​1. Portishead Marina by @p4perlant3rn

Portishead Marina
There was no way I couldn’t choose this as a Photo Of The Day; it’s just so striking, isn’t it? Perfect reflections and symmetry from Oliver.

​2. Paddleboarder by @harrisonlpp

Bristol harbour summer
A perfect Bristol harbour summer scene….although this was taken in April! I also love this photo because after we posted it on Twitter, the guy who’s actually paddle-boarding here spotted himself and made himself known to us! It’s things like this which give Bristol it’s small city vibe which I love.

3. Incwel by @moodycolin319

Bristol graffiti
I love Colin! He goes around Bristol taking lots of candid shots which always make me smile. I thought this one was great. It also gave me another excuse to get on my ‘There Is More Than One Graffiti Artist in Bristol’ soapbox and inform the world – yet again – that this is not a Banksy. It’s by Incwel. And it replaced the Banksy which used to be there.

4. Kingsdown & Montpelier View by @richlorri

Kingsdown and Montpellier Picture
Even though this isn’t the clearest photo in the world – probably because Rich took it hanging out of a friend’s window in St. Andrews – it’s just a thing of beauty. After we’d featured it, another IGer suggested it made Bristol look like the Amalfi Coast. Agreed.

5. Hotwells by @dazzter77

Bristol Clifton Suspension Bridge Houses
Daren’s a regular Photo Of The Day winner/contender, just because he tags us in his consistently gorgeous photos of Bristol! This one is a personal favourite for me because it just sums up ‘my Bristol’: vibrant colours, beautiful architecture and THAT bridge.

6. Last Light by @joshuaperrettphotography (now @shadowcatch)

Hotwells At Night
The harbourside view towards the coloured houses of Hotwells remains one of the most captured sites of Bristol and this mesmerising shot taken by Joshua Perrett synchronises day and night light to stunning effect.

7.  Misty Bridge by @jim_cosseyphoto

Fog Clifton Suspension Bridge
No photo gallery of Bristol is complete without a shot of the Clifton Suspension Bridge and this picture taken by local photographer Jim Cossey gives a unique view of the landmark which appears to show a bridge to nowhere. The fascinating lighting also contributes to this great image.

8. I Just Adore Bristol by @justagirl_75

I just adore Bristol sign
We just adore this picture which shows rowers travelling across the floating harbour in the sunshine. The recently installed graphic over the harbour has captured the imagination of Instagrammers and this picture by Monique demonstrates why.

9. Mirrored Labyrinth by @adela.s

University of Bristol’s Royal Fort Gardens
This springtime picture was taken at the University of Bristol’s Royal Fort Gardens. The mirrored sculpture within the garden is often the subject of creative images and Instagrammer Adéla has generated a cloud like effect with nearby blossom to achieve a beautiful shot.

10. Starry Bridge by @mallen_photo

Clifton Suspension Bridge At Night
Instagrammer Martin Allen produced this memorable shot taken from the Cumberland Basin looking towards Clifton and the Suspension Bridge. The vibrant sky light coupled with the inclusion of stars makes this a stand out picture which shows Bristol at its very best.
That was 10 of the best Instagram photos of Bristol from igers bristol. Follow @igersbristol & tag your photos with #igersbristol to be featured! You can also follow the equally brilliant moderators @porthjess & @bristoljj. Alternatively tweet them @igersbristol. You’ll also find them each month in Bristol 24/7‘s instagram’s showcase.
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Sam Gillies, the founder and editor of Best of Bristol. Purveyor of numerous Bristol posts, lists, stories, videos and Bristol photos. Sam Gillies spent years in Bath looking enviously at how good Bristol was, before moving to Bristol in 2011 and converting to a Bristol obsessive. Most likely found attempting to find interesting street art across Bristol and other cities.

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